Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bad joanns online

So I recently had an unpleasant experience. I ordered a blocking wire kit from joanns. I used their 50% off coupon. After a couple days my kit arrived. I opened it to find that only half the kit was there. The kit was suppose to include 12 of one size wire and 2 of the other. I had 6 of one and 1 of the other. I called customer service to report the problem and to hopefully get the rest of my kit. The lady I talked to was very rude with me. and all she would tell me was that she'd notify the warehouse. Not that they'd fix this problem as soon as possible, not that the rest of my kit would be mailed. Just that she'd notify the warehouse. That's all she told me. A week later I got another something in the mail from joanns. Its very rattly. I open it. Its the rest of the blocking kit (well at least my missing parts. Only they are packaged horribly. The kit comes in a tub. for storage, its to help keep your wires from getting damaged and stuff. When the first half of my kit arrived the tub had become opened in shipping but nothing had fallen out of the tub because the box it ships in is only a couple inches bigger than the tub and the wires are also the size of the tub. In the second shipment (the other half of my kit) the wires were not in the tub at all. They did include a tub but failed to put the wires in it. I'm 100% certain the wires were never in the tub because again the box they shipped in wouldn't have allowed the wires to have fallen out if they'd been in there to start with regardless of whether the tub caps came off or not.


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