Tuesday, September 25, 2007

evil little buggers.

so. i was straightening up the area around my nightstand, which always has a few books and knitting projects laying around in it, and i found the lace pattern swatch i knitted for the bridesmaid shawls. i picked it up and stretched it out, admiring the pretty pattern, when suddenly there was a huge hole. sts started running up and down, ruining the pretty pattern. then i noticed the teensy little molted moth larvae (or whatever you'd call it) stuck to the swatch. i picked up the stockinette swatch, which was laying right there next to the lace pattern swatch, and same problem. so, okay, no huge problem...annoying, and sad to see a pretty piece of lace ruined, but it's just a swatch. no big deal. as long as they stay away from the actual shawl, which is in a bag downstairs, we'll be fine. (i haven't gone to check on it yet, i'm a little afraid. but i don't think they can get to it.)

then i had a moment of heartstopping fear as my eyes landed on the thick plastic shopping bag next to the nightstand. the bag that i use to transport my rogue back and forth, my 100% wool rogue. i carried it to the office and dumped it out, then picked it up and began to examine it carefully, checking each st for signs of damage. thankfully there were none. i love brown sheep naturespun. i knew it claimed to be mothproof but i doubted that it actually was. but that seems to be the case. there would have been no trouble for the moths to get at the sweater, it was just laying in a shopping bag with the handles gaping open. i mean, the last time i checked the sweater a brown recluse crawled out of the bag. (yeah. i know. *shudder* that's WHY it was the last time i checked the sweater.)

i'm still nervous. it won't fit in a freezer bag, but i think i'm going to find something a little sturdier to store it in. just in case.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

gift contest

Carly over at http://kasiaiscarly.blogspot.com/ is running a contest. this is my entry into that contest. the contest was to name the best and worst gifts you've ever gotten. here is my story:

Best gift by far would be last Christmas. Justin had to work on Christmas and all season his schedule was so hectic that he didn't get to order my gift till late. It arrived 2 days after Christmas and he was on duty (24 hour work day). He told me if it got there that day that I could open it without him but I refused. I had no clue what it could possible be but was more curious then ever. I asked for a hint and all he said was that it would keep me busy for a while. It turned out to be a very long day waiting for him to get home. When he finally got home the next morning it’s the first thing we did. He watched me open my gifts (yes plural). And they were both equally fantastic. The absolute perfect gifts for me.

Yes yes that is the complete series for Sex and the City and Friends! My two favorite shows of all times.

Now for the worst. The worst gift ever would have to be the souvenir I got from my ex husband. He deployed about a year after we got married. But only hit the last half of a deployment so he was only gone for like 3 months. He hit several ports during that time. And I was looking forward to some fantastic souvenirs when he got back. When he got back his family had come down for homecoming. He started dishing out gifts. He gave them some fantastic things and I just kept thinking that man if he got this great stuff for them I must have something awesome. Well when he got to me he handed me the tiniest package he had. I opened it and found a broken keychain. Found out later that he had actually bought it for his sister but then when it broke he just decided he’d give it to me instead. I have no picture. I’m pretty sure I promptly tossed it into the trash.


Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Big news in blogland: I have the Internet again! Oh poor blog how I have missed you! But I'm back now. Got lots of stuff to update now. I've finished some things and added others, including some gifts and commissions. Some of which have also been finished. And Jess's socks are looking so good on here that I'm really having to fight the urge to not cast on a pair of Clessidras. Especially after seeing a modified pair on LJ Knitting the other day done toe-up with a short-row heel, my preferred technique.

But all those updates are just going to have to wait. Right now I'm anxious to finish this and get back to knitting. I paused in the middle of knitting a practice Anemoi mitten (to see how I like the pattern) to write a quick post. Because I have a new favorite knitting technique: corrugated ribbing. Now, I'm normally not a fan of how corrugated ribbing looks. And because of that, I've never tried knitting it. But the Anemoi mittens call for corrugated ribbing, so I gave it a try. And I'm in love. The technique is just so neat. It's fun! I'm really getting into a rhythm with it. I think I prefer it to regular ribbing. I think I still like the solid-color ribbing better for most things...but it's not nearly as much fun, heh. Maybe I'll just start using corrugated ribbing exclusively. I don't HAVE to use two different colors. I can just use two strands of the same color.

Okay, yeah, it's settled. I'm a knit nerd.

The reason I'm trying out the Anemoi mitten pattern is for the mitten swap on LiveJournal (http://www.livejournal.com/community/mittenswap I believe...right Jess?) Jess is the moderator, and she's doing an awesome job! I mean, I'm telling you, my partner is absolutely perfect for me. She's like the perfect combination of me and Luke. I'm impressed with how well-matched we are. I know Jess (with Hope's help) worked really hard on the matches, and it shows. Everyone seems to be really happy and excited about the swap. It's going great.

Oh, one more bit of news. We're on Ravelry now. And we dragged Lynette in with us, too. You can find me on there as pixieaep.

Okay, back to Anemoi!