Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Goals

So I'm not usually big about setting goals for myself. Especially knit related ones. But this year I've decided that there are things I want to do and if I say them aloud they are more likely to happen.

first up is the "socks from stash" group I joined. Its a kal blog. One pair of socks a month from stash yarn. So first goal is at least 12 pair of socks. Most likely I'll knit more than 12. I started to set my goal at 2 pair a month. But there are other things I want to knit and I dont want to get stressed out with my goals. So at least one pair even tho more are possible and likely.

Next up is lace. I did successfully fix the mistake in the lace I'm working on. But because lace takes a lot more concentration and is impossible to knit around Nathan my lace goal is not very high. I want to complete 3 lace shawl/stoles this year. Big (or well decent sized) ones. One will be the one currently on needles. Another will be Amie's wedding lace. The third I've not picked yet but I have plenty of stashed lace yarn and ideas. I might as for help on deciding this later. This goal may even be small by my standards but since I've yet to actually complete a lace project I dont want to set my goal so high that I'm destined to fail. So 3 it is.

I MUST complete Rogue this year. I have half a hood and 2 sleeves to knit. So this is possible. I've just lost my rogue mojo. I've had this pattern for like 2 years and the yarn for forever. I must have this sweater off my needles and in wearable form.

There are other goals I have in mind but these are the main ones for right now. Might not sound like much. But I have big plans for knitting in 08. This is just the beginning.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

scary lace

So I started knitting some lace a few nights ago. Not exactly easy to do with Nathan, so I was hoping since Justin was home I'd be able to manage it. Well last night I was knitting along and they both asked me like a dozen questions. and well yes you guessed it there is a mistake in the knitting. I can't find it. I'm annoyed and disappointed. I want to take the lace and throw it out a window (not literally). I'm pretty sure all I need to do is tink back 2 rows and I'll be fine. But with how annoyed I am there is no way I can tink back 160 stitches.

This was suppose to be my practice lace before starting Amie's wedding lace. Which I really really need to start because I'm horrible nervous about finishing it on time. Since this is a deadline I can't move around.

Other than I'm a stitch short the lace itself looks really good. I was pretty proud of myself. I kept stretching it out and trying to show Justin. I don't know if he truly appreciated what I was showing him. But he humored me for the most part.