Saturday, December 1, 2007

one sock down

Finished up the first of Lynette's uptown boot socks.

pattern: uptown boot socks by Jennifer L. Appleby (favorite socks book)
yarn: lorna's laces shepherd sock 6ns Douglas Fir
needles: crystal palace size 2mm (us 0)
size: small knit specifically to Lynette's measurements
yarn left from 50g ball 22.7g. Not enough to knit the second sock out of the same ball but pretty close. I'll knit from the second ball (I did buy it). And then with the leftovers I can knit Amie a pair (hope you like the color Amie).


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bad joanns online

So I recently had an unpleasant experience. I ordered a blocking wire kit from joanns. I used their 50% off coupon. After a couple days my kit arrived. I opened it to find that only half the kit was there. The kit was suppose to include 12 of one size wire and 2 of the other. I had 6 of one and 1 of the other. I called customer service to report the problem and to hopefully get the rest of my kit. The lady I talked to was very rude with me. and all she would tell me was that she'd notify the warehouse. Not that they'd fix this problem as soon as possible, not that the rest of my kit would be mailed. Just that she'd notify the warehouse. That's all she told me. A week later I got another something in the mail from joanns. Its very rattly. I open it. Its the rest of the blocking kit (well at least my missing parts. Only they are packaged horribly. The kit comes in a tub. for storage, its to help keep your wires from getting damaged and stuff. When the first half of my kit arrived the tub had become opened in shipping but nothing had fallen out of the tub because the box it ships in is only a couple inches bigger than the tub and the wires are also the size of the tub. In the second shipment (the other half of my kit) the wires were not in the tub at all. They did include a tub but failed to put the wires in it. I'm 100% certain the wires were never in the tub because again the box they shipped in wouldn't have allowed the wires to have fallen out if they'd been in there to start with regardless of whether the tub caps came off or not.


Friday, November 16, 2007

stupid knitpicks

KnitPicks hates me. Its been several months that they've hated me. I'm not sure exactly how long ago this started its been at least the past 9 months that they've hated me. They refuse to let me order anything online. I sometimes manage to squeeze an order in. Usually I have to do it via the phone instead of the internet. Or if the internet does let me order I end up having to call and change things because the internet order got screwed up. The last time I ordered I had Amie order it for me. Because it just wouldn't let me order at all. Today I tried to order Cat Bordhi's new book "New Pathways for Sock knitters". But it wouldn't let me. I guess its not the worst thing since I dont really need to spend the money. But I want the book and I have the $20 to pay for the book. I should be able to get the book, right? sigh.

Maybe I'll break down and call.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

admitting it is the first step.

so i've come to what is to me a horrifying conclusion. i'm becoming a yarn snob.

now, don't get me wrong. i have nothing against acrylic. 300+ yards of worsted weight for $2?! what a fantastic deal! and it's machine washable, too! and it's...just not very soft.

well, certain kinds aren't. simply soft...that's one of my top 3 yarn choices. love the stuff. i'm wearing a hat made of it right now and it's so comfy i keep forgetting i've got it on.

but right now i'm also knitting a stocking with red heart. not so very long ago i wouldn't have thought anything about this, but i can barely knit a row without taking a break. there's superwash merino in my bag, calling to me! but it's for a self-designed gift, and the stocking is a paid commission. i. must. finish.

i'm giving myself a deadline. this stocking has to be finished in a week. which shouldn't be that hard, the thing's half-done already and it's just a normal stocking...oh sure, it's got some colorwork, but just a christmas tree...all of 2 colors and a simple shape. and i'm more than halfway through the tree anyway. but man, i have to talk myself into working on it. it's not that i don't enjoy the knitting. i do. i just don't enjoy the yarn. not at all. i never realized just how uncomfortable it is until now. of course, i haven't really worked with any red heart since, oh, i don't know...i discovered simply soft.

if only i could knit these stockings in simply soft...sadly, the colors are limited. plus these are reproductions of a 20-year-old stocking which was knit with, you guessed it, the same old scratchy yarn that gives acrylic a bad name.

i'm not a yarn snob. i'm not. this is not denial. i have nothing against the yarn i find at walmart. i have a huge stash of it, and i refuse to get rid of any of it in case i need it some time. (came in handy for this project, let me tell you...for 3 stockings, using two shades of green, red, white, peach, dark peach, black and 5 random ornament colors, i spent maybe $10 on yarn. the rest is from my stash.

anyway. sorry. just had to complain. plus i finished a row and had to take a break.

this really isn't great yarn. i know, it has its uses, but wow. scratchy. i've even begun to notice that the one red heart hat i have irritates my forehead. i never really thought about it before. maybe THAT was the real denial...

and for this stocking, it probably doesn't help that the tree green is double-stranded...i could only find a suitable color in sport weight.

for what it's worth, the stocking is looking rather nice, despite crappy yarn. i'd post a picture if i could, but, ya know, i'm on the work computer. i'm kind of amazed i even get to write this post. granted, it's not posted yet, so maybe this is all in vain.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pea Pod Sweater

Since I finished Lynette's socks this morning I needed something else to cast on (avoiding Rogue... although I have no real reason to). So I finally cast on for the baby sweater for Justin's cousin. I ordered the yarn ages ago. I cast on and got pretty far in the sweater today. If nothing comes up I hope to finish the knitting part of it tomorrow. Not sure if I'll get it sewn together that fast tho. Just wanted to share. I'm proud of myself.

Its the pea pod baby sweater from interweaves (available as a free pdf download). Knit Picks swish dk in the asparagus color on us size 5 needles. I'm also doing the smallest size (3 month... so dont be overly impressed that I got that much knit today. its a tiny sweater).

Finished Lynette's socks.

Start date: november 1st (pretty late that night)
finished: november 6 (before noon)

will get them in the mail as soon as I can (maybe today... if not then definately tomorrow). Hopefully Lynette will love them and they will fit her perfectly and she can get a picture back to me for posting.

started with 100g ball of yarn. i have 43g leftover! wow right. I thought so too. the socks are 7" to the heel then 7.5" until the toe. and they come very very close to fitting me. I'm pretty amazed.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Lynette's Socks

Basic sock. k3p1 ribbing with a short row heel and toe. Knit over 60's stitches on size 2mm needles.

This is me wearing the sock. The sock is actually knit for a smaller foot so if you look closely you will see that the heel doesn't match up to mine properly. I put it on my own foot to prove that you should never underestimate the stretching power of ribbing. Although when not stretched out the sock looks small its actually a pretty decent sized sock.

The yarn is Knit Picks bare essentials (superwash wool/nylon fingering weight) that Lynette herself dyed when she came down and visited me this summer (Amie made a post about us dying our yarn that included pictures, I'd try to link to that post in this one but I dont know how). I've used all the knitpicks bare sock yarn and the superwash is by far the softest. And definately soaked up the color much nicer than the regular merino (non superwash) did.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cast on?

Finished up knitting the clessidras last night. Finished grafting and weaving in ends this morning. They need a wash but they are done. Will try to get better pictures tomorrow. Had planned to try today but things got in the way. This is proof that I really am finished with them.

For a quick knit I made some baby booties and a hat today.

I can't decide what to cast on for next. I have Rogue on the needles. I'm about 65-70% finished with it. I have some baby knitting I need to get going on. And then there are of course tons of socks on my "to knit" list. So what to cast on for next? That is the question. Should I start some socks for Justin, for Nathan, myself... the baby sweater for Justin's cousin, the baby blanket, another BSJ..... the list really is endless. The yarn really is upstairs. But to decide seems so daunting right now.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

clessidra progress

Been working on the clessidra's after a bit of a break. Had to stop to get some baby knits and some mittens out of the way. I have more baby knits I need to get done but I also want to finish these up since they were started forever ago. I've finished the calf shapping and am now working on the ankle shaping. After that they should finish up rather quickly (i mean it doesn't take long to knit a foot). I have real progress on them now considering it was only a week or ago that they only had a couple inches.

Just thought I'd update on progress. Will try to post finished pictures soon. Then I'm off to knit a baby sweater and finish Rogue (which I'm working on the hood. so only a hood and two sleeves to go and I'm done. would have already been finished with that one too except baby knits are getting in the way. well that and i messed up and had to frog back some. having to frog part of what you thought was finished tends to slow you down a bit. you lose motivation because lets face it frogging just isn't fun). But if I do keep up my progress on it I might finish mine before Amie. Hear that Amie perhaps I really did catch up to you and its like we knit them together. hehe


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

evil little buggers.

so. i was straightening up the area around my nightstand, which always has a few books and knitting projects laying around in it, and i found the lace pattern swatch i knitted for the bridesmaid shawls. i picked it up and stretched it out, admiring the pretty pattern, when suddenly there was a huge hole. sts started running up and down, ruining the pretty pattern. then i noticed the teensy little molted moth larvae (or whatever you'd call it) stuck to the swatch. i picked up the stockinette swatch, which was laying right there next to the lace pattern swatch, and same problem. so, okay, no huge problem...annoying, and sad to see a pretty piece of lace ruined, but it's just a swatch. no big deal. as long as they stay away from the actual shawl, which is in a bag downstairs, we'll be fine. (i haven't gone to check on it yet, i'm a little afraid. but i don't think they can get to it.)

then i had a moment of heartstopping fear as my eyes landed on the thick plastic shopping bag next to the nightstand. the bag that i use to transport my rogue back and forth, my 100% wool rogue. i carried it to the office and dumped it out, then picked it up and began to examine it carefully, checking each st for signs of damage. thankfully there were none. i love brown sheep naturespun. i knew it claimed to be mothproof but i doubted that it actually was. but that seems to be the case. there would have been no trouble for the moths to get at the sweater, it was just laying in a shopping bag with the handles gaping open. i mean, the last time i checked the sweater a brown recluse crawled out of the bag. (yeah. i know. *shudder* that's WHY it was the last time i checked the sweater.)

i'm still nervous. it won't fit in a freezer bag, but i think i'm going to find something a little sturdier to store it in. just in case.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

gift contest

Carly over at is running a contest. this is my entry into that contest. the contest was to name the best and worst gifts you've ever gotten. here is my story:

Best gift by far would be last Christmas. Justin had to work on Christmas and all season his schedule was so hectic that he didn't get to order my gift till late. It arrived 2 days after Christmas and he was on duty (24 hour work day). He told me if it got there that day that I could open it without him but I refused. I had no clue what it could possible be but was more curious then ever. I asked for a hint and all he said was that it would keep me busy for a while. It turned out to be a very long day waiting for him to get home. When he finally got home the next morning it’s the first thing we did. He watched me open my gifts (yes plural). And they were both equally fantastic. The absolute perfect gifts for me.

Yes yes that is the complete series for Sex and the City and Friends! My two favorite shows of all times.

Now for the worst. The worst gift ever would have to be the souvenir I got from my ex husband. He deployed about a year after we got married. But only hit the last half of a deployment so he was only gone for like 3 months. He hit several ports during that time. And I was looking forward to some fantastic souvenirs when he got back. When he got back his family had come down for homecoming. He started dishing out gifts. He gave them some fantastic things and I just kept thinking that man if he got this great stuff for them I must have something awesome. Well when he got to me he handed me the tiniest package he had. I opened it and found a broken keychain. Found out later that he had actually bought it for his sister but then when it broke he just decided he’d give it to me instead. I have no picture. I’m pretty sure I promptly tossed it into the trash.


Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Big news in blogland: I have the Internet again! Oh poor blog how I have missed you! But I'm back now. Got lots of stuff to update now. I've finished some things and added others, including some gifts and commissions. Some of which have also been finished. And Jess's socks are looking so good on here that I'm really having to fight the urge to not cast on a pair of Clessidras. Especially after seeing a modified pair on LJ Knitting the other day done toe-up with a short-row heel, my preferred technique.

But all those updates are just going to have to wait. Right now I'm anxious to finish this and get back to knitting. I paused in the middle of knitting a practice Anemoi mitten (to see how I like the pattern) to write a quick post. Because I have a new favorite knitting technique: corrugated ribbing. Now, I'm normally not a fan of how corrugated ribbing looks. And because of that, I've never tried knitting it. But the Anemoi mittens call for corrugated ribbing, so I gave it a try. And I'm in love. The technique is just so neat. It's fun! I'm really getting into a rhythm with it. I think I prefer it to regular ribbing. I think I still like the solid-color ribbing better for most things...but it's not nearly as much fun, heh. Maybe I'll just start using corrugated ribbing exclusively. I don't HAVE to use two different colors. I can just use two strands of the same color.

Okay, yeah, it's settled. I'm a knit nerd.

The reason I'm trying out the Anemoi mitten pattern is for the mitten swap on LiveJournal ( I believe...right Jess?) Jess is the moderator, and she's doing an awesome job! I mean, I'm telling you, my partner is absolutely perfect for me. She's like the perfect combination of me and Luke. I'm impressed with how well-matched we are. I know Jess (with Hope's help) worked really hard on the matches, and it shows. Everyone seems to be really happy and excited about the swap. It's going great.

Oh, one more bit of news. We're on Ravelry now. And we dragged Lynette in with us, too. You can find me on there as pixieaep.

Okay, back to Anemoi!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sock post (picture heavy)

first up is the first clessidra. The second one has been cast on and I've gotten about 3inches worked so far.

Next are decent pictures of the monkey socks.

And finally decent pictures of the waving lace socks out of the handpainted yarn I got in my sock kit swap (thanks Genevieve)

I've cast on for my Rogue Hoodie again. This time not screwing it up. I've finished the hem and part of the bottom cable. Working on the kangaroo pocket (almost finished). Its going well and I hope to post some progress pictures soon.

~Jessica Rose

Monday, August 6, 2007

So I finally got around to getting new needles so I can finish my clessidra stockings. And well I'm not happy with them. They are so much weaker than my first set. But I emailed the company and told them what happened and they are sending me a replacement needle. So right now I'm really hoping that the replacement is more like my first set than this second set. I'm not happy with them at all.

In other knitting news I finished a baby jacket.

What an odd little mess right?

Its Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket
Started: towards the end of July 30
Finished: Beginning of Aug 06
Yarn: lionbrand cotton-ease (original) in pineapple color. Not really sure how much as the yarn had previously been frogged and I didn't worry with measuring it out.

No modifications although if i knit it again I'd change the button holes and possible try to figure out something to do to that top edge to make sewing it up a little easier.

This one is knit for my niece (soon to be stepsister Ashley is due in October). I'm now in search of the perfect buttons. I'm thinking something bright pink and happy. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

knitting progress

ok so I finished my waving lace socks (contrary to the picture they are the same size and they fit very nicely on my foot. just dont have a picture of that)

I finished some Monkey socks out of the yarn I dyed (Amie posted about).

I've started another pair.

I need to get some baby knitting done. But after several failed attempts at a sweater I have to get my nerve back to tackle it again.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun in Virginia!

I'm in Virginia! I've been here since Sunday evening. Luke and I rode up with friend Lynette, and it has been absolutely wonderful. Hanging out with Jess and Nett and Luke is great, and my guy's so sweet, and he surprised me on the beach with a ring, but that's all non-knitting-related so I'll save it for my personal journal.

As for knitting content, first of all, knitting time with Jess and Amie! Yay! It's nice to be able to knit together instead of both knitting in front of our computers while IM'ing each other. Plus we have Nett here. And we taught her to knit! We'd taught her once before, but our time was limited and she had forgotten most of what we'd said. So we taught her again, and she knit a couple of swatches and said, "I want to knit a sock." This was...last night? She's now almost finished with the first of a pair of baby socks out of Knitpicks Essentials in Grass and size 1 needles. She's doing great, too. Really, only one mistake that she didn't tink back to correct: she got turned around and did a row of reverse stockinette at the edge of the heel. It looks intentional anyway, so not a big deal. Plus, this is literally her first project. On size 1 dpns with fingering weight. She's a quick learner.

*to the tune of Three Blind Mice* Three hot girls, three hot girls, see how they knit, see how they knit...

That's Nett on the left, working on her sock. I'm in the middle with my Zoknis. And Jess is on the right beginning a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Then tonight, we dyed yarn. Jess had a bunch of Knitpicks Bare of various types, and I had some Bare Essentials. We have a ton of pictures, but I'll only post a couple:

My yarn, which I'm calling least until I think of a better name. Anyone have any suggestions?

I added purple to the white areas after that picture was taken, and then it looked like this:

This is Nett's yarn. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of Lorna's Laces, honestly. I wish we'd gotten a good picture of it laying on the table, but we didn't, so here it is in the bowl:

And here Jess is putting the finishing touches on her yarn, which I've dubbed Flower Garden. It's similar to mine, but more pastel. She doesn't like it. I do. She has, um, "threatened" to use it in socks for me. I'm hoping she keeps her word. ;)

The yarn is still cooling in the kitchen. We need to go in there soon and rinse it. Jess may post more process photos later, and we'll definitely post some of the finished yarn. Complete with swatches, because I don't know about Jess or Nett, but I'm dying to see how they knit up!

This really has been an awesome trip. I don't wanna leave! At least I have till Saturday.

I love my friends! I love knitting time with my knitter friends!

(Oh yeah, and since Luke's right next to me...I love him too. Even though he doesn't knit.)


Saturday, July 7, 2007

So I joined a sock kit swap over on livejournal. I convience Amie to join as well. We've already sent and recieved our kits. This is the kit I sent: Which turns out I was paired with a local girl. So I got her to join the knitting group. And we are all set to get together and knit. This is the kit Amie sent: The girl that Amie sent to also happen to be who sent to me. She is awesome. I love her. We've been emailing back and forth since we first got paired up. She is a total hoot. This is the kit she sent me: Now right now we dont have pictures of the kit Amie got because her work computer is dumb and wont let her upload pictures. But this is the kit Amie got:

I've already started knitting with my yarn.

Its the waving lace sock pattern from interweave knits (featured on the front cover of the favorite socks book). I'm working it with the self dyed yarn that I got in my kit (which is 75%wool 25% silk and very nice to work with) and size 1 (2.25mm) needles.

this is another shot of my progress so far. These pictures are taken inside with very poor lighting and with my phone. The color is much nicer than this. But it was raining when I took the first picture and dark when I took the second. So no bright sunny yummy sock in progress shot. I was a bad knitting and failed to do a gauge swatch for these I just picked up needles I wanted to use, yarn I wanted to use and a pattern I thought would be nice. so this picture is really me seeing if they are a disaster before I start working on the heel. they aren't. So I'm happy.

Amie is coming to visit me. Her and Luke (her fiance') and our friend Lynette are driving down on the 15th. I'm so excited. We are going to venture to some of the local yarn shops. Maybe make a trip up to twisted sisters in williamsburg. Of course loads of beach time and playing with Nathan time (my friends adore him. they are like aunts to him and he is like a nephew to them). I'm super excited about their visit. We are even considering a yarn dying extravaganza. But the details haven't exactly been worked out yet.

Another thing me and Amie plan to do while she is down is work on our blog a little (putting up something in our info). And hopefully uploading some pictures so that you can see all the awesome stuff Amie has been knitting. She is a fo queen right now. Wiping out stuff like no ones business.

But I guess this is enough of an update for now. just figured since it had been almost a month I'd better post something.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

knitting in public?

So wow its been a while since me or Amie have blogged (poor Amie and her computer. it apparently hates anything related to trying to make post or really do anything at all).

Today was knit in public day. I didn't. My sock traveled with me around town trying to find a new bathing suit (I put my old one on today to find a mystery stain on the left boob). I had every intention of going to the pool, but that didn't happen. I did finally find a suit that fit (which was more of a struggle than I'd like to admit. I tried suits on at 5 different stores before finding one. and I dont even really like it but it fit so I bought it. I did manage to go see harborfest fireworks. And since we planned on getting there super early (an hour and a half early... and since fireworks were late it was almost 2 hours early) I was so excited about knitting while waiting, but left it in my car when we took my friends (I'm a dork sometimes).

My knitting girls had our meetup this morning. And decided since I'm getting married that they'd change locations and it be a knitting bridal shower. My knitting group is really amazing. I'm so happy to have them. I took my camera with me to get pictures... but while there I forgot about the camera. It wasn't until I got home that I realized "crap, no pictures". Oh well. Maybe some other time.

I do have some yarn porn that I will happy post about in the very near future. I've kinda spent to much money on yarn lately. But I'm trying to control myself. Its just so hard with such pretty yarn everywhere. But since its dark I'll wait and take pictures tomorrow. If your lucky I'll actually post the pictures tomorrow night, well see.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I took a couple other pictures... one of the front and one of the side... but this is the back and its the most elaborate. I also updated my progress bar (well included one for clessidra with a link to the pattern). Like I said before they are coming along nicely. Nathan scared me today and grabbed it and tried to run off with it just after I took this picture. I'm pretty sure the way I yelled at him has scared him away from ever touching my knitting again (poor thing, I know but it seriously scared me that my knitting was about to die).
In other sock related knews the suprise socks started yet again. and let me tell you after frogging essentials 4 times and reknitting it, the yarn does rather well. It does start to get a little fuzzy and worn looking. But really its holding up.

Monday, May 7, 2007

no such thing as a quick knit

So now that I'm on the third attempt to knit this quick knit pair of socks... sigh. The third attempt is also being frogged. Instead of just working on my sizing issues I opted for a different pattern. But after completing 5 inches of it I decided it just wasn't right for the yarn or the recipient. So I frogged and started over. Again attempting a different pattern. This time just a plain pattern. Nothing fancy at all. But what fun is it to recieve plain socks? I'm sure they would have been well recieved and loved. But again I'm frogging. I'm not sure if its me or the yarn. The yarn is doing well and I still really like working with it. But it is reluctant to become a pair of fast knit socks.
I've decided to go ahead and send the package without the socks. Its a suprise package (well sorta) and suprise socks (well sorta... I know she reads my blog... heck it her blog too. and she also reads my lj. I mean what sort of bestfriend would she be if she didn't?).

Since trying to complete these socks I've only managed to squeeze in one repeat of clessidra. I'm about half way finished with the leg right now. They are still fun to work on, I guess. I think I'm a little bored with them. Its the back cable that gets me. I dont mind working the other needles. But when I get to the back cable I just stop. The cable isn't hard and I've pretty much memorized the chart. But I dont really like working on that cable. They are looking lovely tho and I can't wait to finish them. Although I'm afraid I'll get second sock syndrome on these.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Suprise Sock

So after knitting an entire sock and getting ready to bind off I decide I can't risk it and frog it. After I knit up the foot of the sock (toe up) I was iffy but the sock looked so good I was going to risk it. After screwing up on the leg of the sock several times... I've decided it would be best to just frog the sock and start over. I considered only frogging back to the foot of the sock (or really I could leave the heal turn as well it turned out okay)... and I suppose I'm still considering that a little... but most likely the entire sock will get frogged. It was a fast knit. Knitpicks Essentials on size 2mm needles done toe up. I got one entire sock finished in two days. I'd post a picture but like the title says its a suprise sock... I've already told enough. ok well now I'm off to the frog pond (as they say).


Monday, April 30, 2007


I'm successfully cabling my clessidra stockings without the aid of a cable needle. This excited me beyond no end.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm just so very sad right now

If you hear someone crying rest assure its me. I finally got to make it to a knit meet last night. Thing were good. I was happy. Fun knitting time and chat. Until I get up this morning pull out my sock and realize I'm missing a needle. Not one that was holding stitches so crisis there is averted. But the working needle is long gone and they were fastly becoming my favorite needles. They were my Crystal Palace bamboo 6inch size 0's. *frowns*. I'm trying to call the coffee shop to see if they found one but no one is answering or the line is busy. I have other size 0's and could finish the socks, but it just wont be the same. Not to mention those where my nicest needles.

got ahold of the coffee shop. The owner is a very nice lady. But no needle was found. She took my name and number and said she'd keep her eyes open for me. sigh. I could seriously cry.

Yesterday was such a crappy day. Me and Justin were at our wits end with house stuff and weren't talking to each other. Nothing got done. We spent 2 hours at lowes looking at tile for the kitchen and didn't buy anything. Then because I'd told him earlier in the week that if I didn't get to go to my knitting meet I'd likely kill someone. I needed some time away from the house and Nathan. So I get to go and then I lose my needle. Sigh.... and how can today be any better if it starts out with me waking up before the sun, to go get lost on base, to come home learn that I'm getting replaced as Maid of Honor in my cousin's wedding (long story), and then that I've lost my new favorite needle.

After the coffee shop I walked several blocks up the road because Justin wasn't there to pick me up yet (we are struggling as a one car family until his gets fixed).... I'm thinking I should get dressed and grab the stroller and take a stroll up the street and hope and pray I can find a not broken needle. Would probably be less headache to just go to the yarn store and buy new ones. But I'm completely broke (already overdrew my bank account and will have to pay overdraft fees).


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I still haven't gotten Justin to model his socks for pictures. Its not that he is unwilling its just that we are so stretched for time right now. We are in the process of moving to our new house and doing major remodeling over there while we are at it. Not to mention he is in the Navy and gone a lot.

I've made some progress to the falling leaves blanket. But not much. I'm bored with it and in no hurry to finish it. Its just a filler project to take up time and yarn that I dont want to use for something else.

And my Rogue... sigh. Its officially been frogged and not restarted yet. I'm going to wait until I get into the new house and get settled before I attempt it again. Amie's Rogue looks amazing (saw it in person when I was in KY). Makes me really want to get mine going again. But with everything else and the false start to it before I think I need to wait until I have more time to devote to it. I know once I get started again it will work out fine and things will start to move along like they should. But since its suppose to (note the wording "suppose to") warm up I figure I have time before next fall/winter to get it finished for wear.

That's the update for now. I could include that I ordered yarn. Well Amie did and I piggiebacked on her knitpicks order. I got some bare gloss for clessandra stockings and then some shadows lace yarn to play with (i have no project in mind for it. I just wanted to try it out. but I got enough for a stole or shawl of some sort). Then I went the other day and ordered a bunch more sock yarn from them (I was having a really rotten day and Justin told me that I should order the yarn for his socks. he knew it would make me happy and it did). I got some more essentials in dusk and grass (the two colors I already had. I told him to pick a color and those are what he picked. I used grass before on Amie's socks and have a little left and I had some dusk for me that I've not used yet. So we'll each have a pair of dusk socks.) Then I got some bare sock yarn to try to dye into the purple shade that I keep dreaming about (really i got 2 skeins of bare fingerweight wool and the fingering weight superwash. so I have enough for 4 normal pairs of socks. I'm going to check it out and use some for my purple socks and some for some socks for justin and then just have left over for a future project). And I ordered a pair of dpns from them to try out in the size that my birch needles are in that I dont like.

ok seriously that's all I'm going to update.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Roza's are finished

I offically finished my Roza's tonight. weaved in ends and everything. What do you think?

Pattern: Roza's Socks from Interweave Knits Spring 2007
Yarn: KPPPM color p206
Needles: 2.5mm Brittany Birch 5" dpn
so...i'm going to host a knitting class! for the mclean county 4h. i start next wednesday. i've got some basic ideas of what i want to cover in each class (and some handouts i want to make with things like useful resources, basics of knitting, my contact info, etc.) but we're probably only going to get to meet 4 times. that makes it a bit tougher. but my plan so far is:

class 1: basic intro to knitting (and each other), casting on, knit st and binding off. and gauge, but honestly, i don't think that'll take that long. gauge is actually pretty simple, i think, unless you think about it way too much.
class 2: purling and knit-purl combo stitches (like ribbing, seed, basketweave, the all-important stockinette...)
class 3: increases and decreases (just a few of the basic ones of each...yo, kfb, k2tog, ssk, etc.)
class 4: seaming, tips, tricks, circular knitting and a basic overview of advanced techniques such as cables, colorwork, plus making sure to answer any and all questions and telling them to contact me later if they need help. this class will mostly be a basic overview of the things we didn't cover and plenty of time to help them with any problems they're having.

i also plan to end each class with a few minutes for knitting/q&a time and time for the students to get hands-on help if needed. i'm going to give the students a simple block pattern using the techniques we've discussed in each class and ask them to work on a block using a stitch pattern of their choice. there's a week between classes, so i think that should be plenty of time for them to knit one small simple block. and it's not like they'll be punished if it's not done. but if they agree to the idea, at the end of the 4th class i'm going to collect all the blocks, sew them together into a blanket and donate it. or sell it. or raffle it. or whatever they want to do with it. or, if they'd prefer, we'll make the blocks all the same size (or i can stitch around them to make them the same size if necessary, hehe) and donate to something like warm up america. we'll think of something.

so like i said...i've got the basics all figured out. now i have to figure out the details. i have 1 week to figure this out. i have to go pick up supplies at the 4h office...i expect red heart and straight needles. i just hope there's enough light, solid-colored yarn to go around. i'd hate for somebody to get stuck with black when they're trying to learn. and i hope the colors look fairly good together, in case we end up doing the blanket idea.

although, if all else fails, we'll stitch the blocks together to make bigger blocks and donate them to the new animal shelter for animal blankets. hmm...actually, that may be something good to suggest...

of course i'm very open to suggestions and ideas. that's really why i just posted all this. :)

Monday, April 2, 2007


So between my KY trip, and getting the house I've had far less time to knit on my socks as I would have liked. I originally thought I'd be done by now. And if I hadn't spent a week in KY or spent every waking moment since getting back working on the house I would be. But they are still coming along (just slower now). One sock is finished and the other is not quiet halfway. I still like them, although I'm not as enthralled with the pattern as I was before. I really love the yarn and I still really love it. I want a sock in all the colors of those socks. I love them all separately and I love them all together. I do however, HATE the needles I'm knitting these on. I think after I finish these socks I will gladly swap these brittany birch us size 1.5 needles as fast as humanly possible (knitswap livejournal community you are my friend). I like the size, but DESPISE the needles. But I'm sure not all knitters feel this way so off they will go to find a happy home with someone who likes them.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Roza's socks

I am a sock knitter there is no doubt about that. I love them. I feel lost whenever I dont have any on the needles. So I picked a pattern I knew I wanted to knit and that I knew I had yarn for. I emailed the designer and asked a question before getting started. I pulled out the yarn that I thought was going to be absolutely perfect for these socks... I grabbed the pattern and I swatched. I was overly proud of Justin for knowing what I was doing and giving me his opinion when I asked (He said "oh starting something new... oh wait your swatching" it was perfect and I love him so much more because of it). I officially swatched and then cast on for the socks on the 17th. But that's all I did before bed. I really started knitting them on the 18th. I got through the leg rather quickly. Did the heel flap, turned the heel, and then the gusset. Now I'm on the foot of the sock. And now is when I'm started to question the needle size I'm using. I slipped all the stitches onto my addi that I got for magic loop and tried it on. It fits. The leg pattern is a lot stretchier than I thought it was going to be. It isn't tight anywhere but the pattern is stretched out a little more at the ankle than I would really like, but its okay. its not to loose and its not to tight. But the part that gets me the most and makes me wonder if I should take it out and redo it is the sole. The pattern calls for 2.0mm needles to get a gauge of 33 sts and 46 rnds = 4" in st st int he rnd. I'm using 2.5mm (because I have a bigger foot and thought this might help resize it slightly for a better fit for my foot) but of course we all know swatches lie. I was happy with the swatch but now on the sock I'm thinking its not knit tight enough. I'm getting about 8 sts an inch. I'm continueing to knit even tho I really want to take it out and redo it on smaller needles. I'm hoping after a wash the yarn will bloom up and make me not hate that they are knit looser than I like (I'm using KPPM). I know if I just knit them that i'll wear them even if I dont LOVE them. The other socks I have that I dont think are knit tight enough I still wear (just around the house tho).

This is a close up of the details since the other picture doesn't really show it.

In other sock related news. Justin was home for the weekend and put on his socks (since i finished them while he was gone). He wore them all day friday. He says he loves them. But I failed to get a picture of him wearing them. So when he gets back on the first (yep he left again. that's the military for you) I'll do my best to not forget to get a picture. They really do look good on him. I'm proud of them.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yarn Porn


picture flood! (now that i can finally upload the pictures AND update, i'm making the most of it!)

I got my Favorite Color Swap package in the mail today, and I love it. It's so wonderful. My secret pal picked out the best stuff for me. :) I gave tons of information on my questionnaire because that's just how I am, and she did really well with picking out special stuff from what I said. She sent me candy (Reese's Pieces, Starburst and Milky 3 to hide it from Luke, hehe), bath/body stuff (pear & white tea moisturizer and strawberry and green apple pie scented bath crystals), a green apple scented hand-poured candle, a magnetic notepad, 3 really cute post-it pads, really pretty stitch markers she made herself (which I can't wait to use, because...well...they're like jewelry for my knitting! and they're PRETTY!) and 2 skeins (218 yds) of the most gorgeous dusty rose elann baby cashmere yarn. It's so soft. And the color is perfect. I already have a project in mind for it. I think I'm going to use it to add color to the Estonian Garden lace stole I plan to make for myself to wear at my wedding. :) The color is exactly what I have in mind for the bridesmaids' dresses (and convinced Luke to go along with last night), and I was trying last night/this morning to figure out how I could incorporate some of that pink into my stole without having to buy a separate colorway of whatever yarn I decide to use. I swear, my secret pal must secretly know me or be psychic or something. I love everything she sent me. And it was all wrapped up with pretty pink, green and bright-striped tissue paper tied with purple ribbon. (My favorite colors for the swap were pink, purple and green.)

Okay, now pictures.

The tissue paper wrapping on all the goodies. (I was too excited to get a picture before I ripped the things open, so this'll have to do, hehe.):

All the package contents together:

The bath/body stuff (which I can't wait to try out):

The candle (which smells so good it's making me hungry):

The candy...mmm:

Cute notepads:

Handmade stitch markers:

Gorgeous yarn:

I'm so happy with this stuff and I'm glad I did the swap. If you're reading, Rhoda, thank you SO much! I love it, all of it!

I also have pictures of the package I sent off to my own secret pal. See?

This is how the box looked just before I taped it up. On top there's a mix cd (of music she likes of course) and a card. I didn't individually wrap everything because I didn't have any pretty tissue paper and the stuff was oddly-shaped and stuck in wherever I could fit it. Hehe.

Next layer: an assortment of various fabrics. Some scraps, some remnants, some large pieces; some from my stash, some purchased specifically with this in mind. She likes sewing and patchwork, and I tried to pick out an assortment of pretty prints and textures. There's some floral, some corduroy, some denim, some jersey-knit, some satin, some I said, it's an assortment.

Under that, there is more fabric tucked into the empty spaces, plus a bunch of smaller stuff. In the upper corner is a bar of Dove pink soap. (Her favorite color, obviously, is pink...and she also likes red and green.) tied together with a handknitted face cloth with an "M" imprinted on it. (Her name is Michelle.) Below that is Bath and Body Works stuff...which happens to be exactly like what I have, but it smells good and it was pink and it was cheap. (Going-out-of-business sale.) :) Tucked into the edge is a group of old magazines and leaflets that I didn't plan on using. In the center, on top of some of the rolled-up fabric, are 2 packages of pink and green beads. On the right is a knitted 100% alpaca eyemask filled with rice (so it can be chilled) and lavender (for its relaxing properties and because it's one of her favorite scents). And underneath that is a homemade Sculpey magnet depicting Kentucky (complete with white mark to show where I am) to add to her collection of magnets.

And finally, on the bottom, yarn. 3 skeins of Simply Soft in pink, green and cream, 2 balls of 100% wool from my stash, and 2 balls of Peaches & Creme, which she said she likes using.

And that's her package. :) I hope she likes it as well as I like mine.

And I ALSO have progress photos of Rogue, some of Mom's Perfect Sweater and a couple of swatches for the Estonian Garden stole. I swatched the 3 lace patterns with some spare Simply Soft last night, to get an idea of the difficulty level and how long it would take. It was relatively easy, I'm happy to report. Very happy, since I plan to make 1 modified Estonian Garden stole and 3 Lily of the Valley stoles (using the modified Lily of the Valley lace pattern from Estonian Garden) before my wedding.

I'll post the Perfect Sweater pictures later (they're on the other camera card) but here are the two swatch photos...

and a bunch of Rogue-in-progress photos:

~and more pictures...later, when I have more time~ knit some more, so I have more to post. Hehe.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

pink love

So I was out shopping and decided to stop by Tuesday Mornings. You can (on occasion) run into some really good deals there. Its also right beside a yarn store I wanted to go to, and also a used book store (which had some good knitting books but mostly they were overprices). Anyways so I go and while looking around I happen across some pink cotton yarn. Now normally I dont care for cotton, but this was a cotton rayon blend and I liked it. Its Classic Elite's Image ( But there were some small issues with it tonight while trying to wind that hank into a center pull ball.
Full picture story below:
I got out my swift and winder (first time using the swift) and off we went.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a before shot of what the hank looked like after Nathan got finished swinging it around.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
an "oh crap" shot of the problem we ran into.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
a nice pretty shot of what the ball now looks like. Oh how I love my winder.

I promise to get some process shots of swift and winder next time I pull them out. I have several hanks that need to be done, but Justin showed interest in helping me with it (he always helped before I got the swift)... and so I want to wait for him.