Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I took a couple other pictures... one of the front and one of the side... but this is the back and its the most elaborate. I also updated my progress bar (well included one for clessidra with a link to the pattern). Like I said before they are coming along nicely. Nathan scared me today and grabbed it and tried to run off with it just after I took this picture. I'm pretty sure the way I yelled at him has scared him away from ever touching my knitting again (poor thing, I know but it seriously scared me that my knitting was about to die).
In other sock related knews the suprise socks started yet again. and let me tell you after frogging essentials 4 times and reknitting it, the yarn does rather well. It does start to get a little fuzzy and worn looking. But really its holding up.

Monday, May 7, 2007

no such thing as a quick knit

So now that I'm on the third attempt to knit this quick knit pair of socks... sigh. The third attempt is also being frogged. Instead of just working on my sizing issues I opted for a different pattern. But after completing 5 inches of it I decided it just wasn't right for the yarn or the recipient. So I frogged and started over. Again attempting a different pattern. This time just a plain pattern. Nothing fancy at all. But what fun is it to recieve plain socks? I'm sure they would have been well recieved and loved. But again I'm frogging. I'm not sure if its me or the yarn. The yarn is doing well and I still really like working with it. But it is reluctant to become a pair of fast knit socks.
I've decided to go ahead and send the package without the socks. Its a suprise package (well sorta) and suprise socks (well sorta... I know she reads my blog... heck it her blog too. and she also reads my lj. I mean what sort of bestfriend would she be if she didn't?).

Since trying to complete these socks I've only managed to squeeze in one repeat of clessidra. I'm about half way finished with the leg right now. They are still fun to work on, I guess. I think I'm a little bored with them. Its the back cable that gets me. I dont mind working the other needles. But when I get to the back cable I just stop. The cable isn't hard and I've pretty much memorized the chart. But I dont really like working on that cable. They are looking lovely tho and I can't wait to finish them. Although I'm afraid I'll get second sock syndrome on these.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

Suprise Sock

So after knitting an entire sock and getting ready to bind off I decide I can't risk it and frog it. After I knit up the foot of the sock (toe up) I was iffy but the sock looked so good I was going to risk it. After screwing up on the leg of the sock several times... I've decided it would be best to just frog the sock and start over. I considered only frogging back to the foot of the sock (or really I could leave the heal turn as well it turned out okay)... and I suppose I'm still considering that a little... but most likely the entire sock will get frogged. It was a fast knit. Knitpicks Essentials on size 2mm needles done toe up. I got one entire sock finished in two days. I'd post a picture but like the title says its a suprise sock... I've already told enough. ok well now I'm off to the frog pond (as they say).