Tuesday, January 1, 2008

scary lace

So I started knitting some lace a few nights ago. Not exactly easy to do with Nathan, so I was hoping since Justin was home I'd be able to manage it. Well last night I was knitting along and they both asked me like a dozen questions. and well yes you guessed it there is a mistake in the knitting. I can't find it. I'm annoyed and disappointed. I want to take the lace and throw it out a window (not literally). I'm pretty sure all I need to do is tink back 2 rows and I'll be fine. But with how annoyed I am there is no way I can tink back 160 stitches.

This was suppose to be my practice lace before starting Amie's wedding lace. Which I really really need to start because I'm horrible nervous about finishing it on time. Since this is a deadline I can't move around.

Other than I'm a stitch short the lace itself looks really good. I was pretty proud of myself. I kept stretching it out and trying to show Justin. I don't know if he truly appreciated what I was showing him. But he humored me for the most part.


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Cheryl in VA said...

It is a good sign of him that he was at least willing to try to humor you. That shows good intent on his part.
Just remember it, and do the same for him and you two will go a long way. :)
Hope to see you at the Anniversary of YfB next weekend