Wednesday, February 27, 2008

changes and a wip

Some changes are being made here at PixieRose Knits. Before both Amie and myself would sign in as pixierose to make post. This got a little confusing for some people (example when my local knit group asked me about teaching knitting when that was Amie). So now we are posting as separate identities. It also got a little confusing when I'd comment on other blogs. I've commented as PixieRose, Gayle_Rose, JessicaRose, etc. Now I'll post as JessicaRose. The goal is also to post more. I think I can easily accomplish this. Amie has a lot on her plate right now. Her wedding is coming up and work and what not. But hopefully she'll start posting more too because she is an amazing knitter and needs to show her stuff off more. That and come on, she created our blog. As of right now she hasn't created her "identity" but I'm sure she will soon.

So this is my first post on here as JessicaRose. And for my first post I'll show off progress on the wedding lace.