Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All work and no play makes Amie very sad

Very little time to knit lately. But when I've had time, I have been knitting! I've been working on helmet liners for the state DAR to donate. I'm still on the first one, but with any luck, it should be done tonight or tomorrow. I have a ton of yarn, so there's no problem there. I'm just going to keep knitting them until I run out of yarn, time or patience for 2x2 ribbing.

I'm not sure how I'll include these on my progress bar, since I don't know how many I'll end up knitting. Hmm. I'll have to think about that.

More info is available on Ravelry. I won't copy it all here; it's not that interesting. ;) And I'm at work and have to make this quick.

But here's a quick picture:

That was taken last night. The ribbed portion goes around the neck and the stockinette portion (the top of the Pac-man-esque shape) is worn like a hat. There's more ribbing to be knitted around the face opening after the hat portion is completed.

In that picture, I'd only knit 10 rows of the hat. The pattern calls for it to be knit in stockinette for 4" before beginning to decrease, so I still have at least one or two more days of knitting left to do.

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