Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jess's May Post

Holy smokes its the end of MAY!

ok As far as knitting goes in may I have done some. But there isn't a single item I can share with you. I sample knit 4 socks for Lorna's Laces. In the new sock yarn that is being released at TNNA in June. And with new colors. They are gorgeous. you are all jealous. trust me! Then I knit 3 necklaces for gifts. I've given 2 of the 3 away but I want the 3rd person to get hers before I share pictures (not to mention they are out of leftover sock yarn... the lorna's laces that isn't released yet in the new color also not released yet. haha). I've knit a few hats and I'm working on a lace project (another test knit).

Next month I should have some pictures and what not to share with you. This month has been the month for hush hush knitting I suppose.

But I wanted to make a quick post to let you know I have been working. Because my goal is at least 1 post a month. and secret knitting or not this is a post gosh darn it!

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