Wednesday, November 16, 2011

swap package


my awesome package from AMIE!

Its fantastic and I love everything.
ziploc bag full of bar cookies. Caramel Ginger Spice to be exact. They are Nathan approved :)
Cappuccino, lotion, and a mug. these were purchased at a local craft fair.
handmade snowflakes
a necklace and earring set (she knows I love snowflakes!)
yarn from my favorite indie dyer. this is JulieSpins glimmer in compote. its absolutely gorgeous!


a few days later I got this in the mail. Which opened up to reveal this:

your all jealous i know. and you well should be. Its divine. Its this amazing salted caramel turtle pie. Salted caramel on the bottom with pecans in the middle and then dark chocolate caramel topping it off. its definitely sinful.

Thank you so much Amie for such an awesome package. :) love you!

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