Saturday, May 5, 2007

Suprise Sock

So after knitting an entire sock and getting ready to bind off I decide I can't risk it and frog it. After I knit up the foot of the sock (toe up) I was iffy but the sock looked so good I was going to risk it. After screwing up on the leg of the sock several times... I've decided it would be best to just frog the sock and start over. I considered only frogging back to the foot of the sock (or really I could leave the heal turn as well it turned out okay)... and I suppose I'm still considering that a little... but most likely the entire sock will get frogged. It was a fast knit. Knitpicks Essentials on size 2mm needles done toe up. I got one entire sock finished in two days. I'd post a picture but like the title says its a suprise sock... I've already told enough. ok well now I'm off to the frog pond (as they say).


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