Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I took a couple other pictures... one of the front and one of the side... but this is the back and its the most elaborate. I also updated my progress bar (well included one for clessidra with a link to the pattern). Like I said before they are coming along nicely. Nathan scared me today and grabbed it and tried to run off with it just after I took this picture. I'm pretty sure the way I yelled at him has scared him away from ever touching my knitting again (poor thing, I know but it seriously scared me that my knitting was about to die).
In other sock related knews the suprise socks started yet again. and let me tell you after frogging essentials 4 times and reknitting it, the yarn does rather well. It does start to get a little fuzzy and worn looking. But really its holding up.

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Queue said...

for the JMU's I used my brittany 1.5 US/ 2.5mm dpn's, for the harry potter socks I used a set of what I believe are 2's and likely 2.75mm