Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sock post (picture heavy)

first up is the first clessidra. The second one has been cast on and I've gotten about 3inches worked so far.

Next are decent pictures of the monkey socks.

And finally decent pictures of the waving lace socks out of the handpainted yarn I got in my sock kit swap (thanks Genevieve)

I've cast on for my Rogue Hoodie again. This time not screwing it up. I've finished the hem and part of the bottom cable. Working on the kangaroo pocket (almost finished). Its going well and I hope to post some progress pictures soon.

~Jessica Rose


kasiaiscarly said...

OK, You must be crazy flexible to get those sock heel pictures! much more impressive photography than you will find on my blog!

Amie said...

These are really great pictures. And great socks of course. :) But you already knew that.

I'm guessing Hope took these photos? Not that you can't take good photos, just the opposite, but well, it looks like some of these were taken with you laying down. And I'd like to see you trying to take perfectly centered photos of the backs of your legs while laying on your stomach. Hehe.