Tuesday, September 25, 2007

evil little buggers.

so. i was straightening up the area around my nightstand, which always has a few books and knitting projects laying around in it, and i found the lace pattern swatch i knitted for the bridesmaid shawls. i picked it up and stretched it out, admiring the pretty pattern, when suddenly there was a huge hole. sts started running up and down, ruining the pretty pattern. then i noticed the teensy little molted moth larvae (or whatever you'd call it) stuck to the swatch. i picked up the stockinette swatch, which was laying right there next to the lace pattern swatch, and same problem. so, okay, no huge problem...annoying, and sad to see a pretty piece of lace ruined, but it's just a swatch. no big deal. as long as they stay away from the actual shawl, which is in a bag downstairs, we'll be fine. (i haven't gone to check on it yet, i'm a little afraid. but i don't think they can get to it.)

then i had a moment of heartstopping fear as my eyes landed on the thick plastic shopping bag next to the nightstand. the bag that i use to transport my rogue back and forth, my 100% wool rogue. i carried it to the office and dumped it out, then picked it up and began to examine it carefully, checking each st for signs of damage. thankfully there were none. i love brown sheep naturespun. i knew it claimed to be mothproof but i doubted that it actually was. but that seems to be the case. there would have been no trouble for the moths to get at the sweater, it was just laying in a shopping bag with the handles gaping open. i mean, the last time i checked the sweater a brown recluse crawled out of the bag. (yeah. i know. *shudder* that's WHY it was the last time i checked the sweater.)

i'm still nervous. it won't fit in a freezer bag, but i think i'm going to find something a little sturdier to store it in. just in case.



kasiaiscarly said...

Ziploc makes those GIANT bags you could seal it in :) Not so much for toting around, unless you want people looking at you oddly for carrying a Ziploc as big as you. . . maybe it could be a new fashion statement, though. LOL!

Carly (one of Jessica's friends!)

katrina said...

I've heard that actually putting items in the freezer for a few days kills any mothes/larvae that may be on items without chemicals.

Katrina (a.k.a. celestialkiddy)