Wednesday, October 24, 2007

clessidra progress

Been working on the clessidra's after a bit of a break. Had to stop to get some baby knits and some mittens out of the way. I have more baby knits I need to get done but I also want to finish these up since they were started forever ago. I've finished the calf shapping and am now working on the ankle shaping. After that they should finish up rather quickly (i mean it doesn't take long to knit a foot). I have real progress on them now considering it was only a week or ago that they only had a couple inches.

Just thought I'd update on progress. Will try to post finished pictures soon. Then I'm off to knit a baby sweater and finish Rogue (which I'm working on the hood. so only a hood and two sleeves to go and I'm done. would have already been finished with that one too except baby knits are getting in the way. well that and i messed up and had to frog back some. having to frog part of what you thought was finished tends to slow you down a bit. you lose motivation because lets face it frogging just isn't fun). But if I do keep up my progress on it I might finish mine before Amie. Hear that Amie perhaps I really did catch up to you and its like we knit them together. hehe


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PixieRose said...

for the record, i'm still ahead of you. :P my hood is completed and i've started a sleeve. and then set it aside again to work on the mitten swap stuff...and now i need to finish up those commissioned stockings...but those shouldn't take long. and rogue is next on the list because it's getting cold and i really, really want to wear it.