Saturday, August 9, 2008

spinning wheel

So no big surprise to those who heard me talk about it. This made its way home with me today. Its a Country Craftsman spinning wheel. Which is a hand-crafted saxony wheel designed after historic wheels from the collection at the American Museum of Textile History in Massachusetts. Its a is a reproduction of a New England 1700's flax wheel, but also resembles a Canadian production wheel because of the large drive-wheel. I really love that the wheel is the work of one man. he fashioned the entire thing of native hardwoods. With his name stamped on the bottom of the wheel. Sadly its no longer in production. But some replacement parts are still available. I'll be placing an order for some of these very soon.

I'm so excited about it. And what a steal for only $75! It needs a little TLC and I need to do a great deal of learning. But I'm super excited and of course had to share. anyone wanna help me name her?


Hope said...


Where did you find her? She's gorgeous and I love that she is handcrafted. So much cooler that way.

I don't have any name suggestions, but I am sure she will share it in her own time.

Jen said...

So cool!!! She looks like she should have an old fashioned name like Esther or Penelope.

kasiaiscarly said...

Holy Cow, you guys are all trouble with the spinning :) Don't you have enough sock yarn without spinning more of your own ? :) I think you should name her Hester. . . Like Hester Prynne in the Scarlett Letter, since she will be causing you to be adulterous to your knitting :)

ptown hokie said...

OMG! That's hysterical what Carly said. And so true! I'm not sure I'll be coming over to see her, as I really want to avoid the spinning bug. I hardly have enough funds for knitting! Then again, who does? More funds means more knitting, so every time you (or your hubby) get a raise, guess where the money goes??? :)

Anonymous said...