Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cedar Dancing (because I cant think of a more intersting title)

Pattern: Cedar Dancing socks By Cat Bordhi (New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One)
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici color: coastal
needles: 2.0mm (us 0)
started: July 10
finished: July 22

My first Cat Bordhi pattern. I'm not totally impressed with this book, but have hopes for the series. I'm more interested in the designs that "start somewhere in between".

For this construction you start at the cuff and work down. The cuff itself was different for me too. I cast on twice the number of stitches I needed using Judy's magic cast on (common cast on for toe up socks). Knit 3 rounds then folded it in half and knit the two sides together. Ending with the correct number of stitches for the sock. You then knit down the leg then do a series of increases for what we know as the traditional gusset. Then you do some short rows and turn the heel. What we know as the traditional heel flap is worked across the bottom. Then you incorporate stitches from the "gusset" until you are back to working in the round. Finished with a star toe. Not sure I'm sold on the design. But it is interesting, and does fit. I fear for the heel. This one is called "master reinforced" but when I Incorporated the stitches it looks really weak. You do ssk's and p2tog. And it just looks weak to me. Maybe if I did it tighter or tbl it would help.

I got pretty close to matching up the stripes. They are only a row or two off. Which is really surprising since I re knit the toes half a dozen times. Having to re-attach yarn several times. I finished the first sock and took it to "group" and got several "you should make it at least 1/2 inch longer". So when I knit the second I took the advice and knit it longer. Must be the design. Because when held up to other socks I've knit these are super long. But fit fine. Where the others look short compares to this one but also fit perfectly.

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