Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jess's 2008 FO list

FO list for 2008 (not exactly in order)

- lenore socks
- feb stash socks (k3p1 with short row heel)
- Carin Boelman Test knit socks (which i wear and love and will one day share with you)
- Amie's wedding garter
- Flower basket edging (mentioned before as cotton garter)
- Jan Stash Socks (Justin's 2nd pair)
- Rogue
- 30 dishcloths
- Justin's 3rd pair of socks
- March stash socks (Sweetheart Socks)
- Amie's wedding lace
- April stash socks (embossed leaves)
- Justin's 4th pair of socks
- Nathan's trivet hat
- May stash socks (K3p1 rib)
- Lorna's laces test knit (Florentine Lace Socks)
- crochet slippers
- June stash socks (Feather and Fan Socks)
- scrap booties
- luxury bag
- MS3
- July stash socks (Simplicity Socks)
- Cedar dancing Socks
- Tam C
- Fake Isle
- Baby Mine
- August stash socks (Amie's Bday socks, Hedera)
- Lorna's Laces test knit II (will share this with you when I can. I will say it was a toddler sweater and came out very cute)
- September Stash Socks (Nathan's k3p1 pair)
- Basic Hat for charity
- October Stash Socks (wee tiny socks)
- Justin's Work Socks
- November Stash socks (k3p1 rib)
- Justin's Hat
- FIL's Hat
- Justin's Cousin's Hat
- Nathan's slippers

I wasn't a good girl and didn't blog all these projects. Although they are all up on Ravelry. Maybe later I'll add picture links to all these. That's a pretty big maybe tho, as it seems like a lot of work.

In Jan 2008 I stated my 2008 knitting goals. And I failed. My goal was 12 pair of socks (and since I was in Socks from Stash that seemed very possible). 3 large lace pieces/projects and to finish Rogue. Well I finished Rogue. I even knit 17 pair of socks (I did miss December's Stash socks). I only knit 2 lace projects. I started MS4 but later decided to frog it. And never did start another lace project. All in all for 2008 I knit 17 pair of socks, 7 hats, 2 pair of slippers, 2 adult sweaters, 3 Baby Sweaters, 2 garters, 2 lace pieces, a pair of booties and a luxury bag. Oh and about 30 dishclothes. I also have 4 projects currently needing attention. Not to bad for one year of knitting, while running after a 4 year old, and continuing to have a life.

I have some thoughts for my 2009 knitting goals. I'll save that post for Jan tho.

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