Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to work

As of about 11 tonight, I am back to work on the shrug. Photos soon. I need to finish binding off the first sleeve, then I'll try it on and get photos. But I was afraid I'd forget to blog if I didn't do it now.

Update: photo. Trying it on didn't really work because it's still very much in a state of un-contruction. But here it is draped across my chest, even though it will not cover my chest (back and upper arms only) when finished.


JessicaRose said...

awe no red in stash? what yarn is that?

Amie said...

Jess, it's NatureSpun. I've had 3 skeins in stash for years now. I always planned to make a sweater but never found just the right pattern. Oh well. This has only used maybe .5 skeins so far, if even that much, and all I have left is the back/neck ribbing. So maybe I can still make a sweater, if it's for me, form-fitting and very basic.

It really is a pretty color. A pale pink/rose color. I'll have to get some better pictures. Those were taken with my webcam in Derek's living room.