Thursday, August 27, 2009


The shrug is finished. I may have already mentioned that, but I can't remember. Here's a picture, though.

Ignore the fact that the shrug does not match what I am wearing. I'd just gotten home from work and threw the shrug on for a quick picture before it got too dark.

Also ignore the general suckiness of the picture. I asked Luke to take it, and he didn't want to because he was watching a tv show. Which he had downloaded, so it's not like he was missing anything by going outside to take a picture. But he was pouty and impatient and didn't bother to wait for the camera to focus or any other silly unimportant things like that, so the picture's pretty crappy. But it shows the shrug, and that's the important thing, I guess.

Also, by the time I coaxed him outside to take the picture, the sun had gone behind the building and everything had a bluish tint. So the color is way off in the photo.

I'll have to get better pictures later to put on Ravelry. In the meantime ...

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JessicaRose said...

wow that is a pretty bad picture for sure. but the shrug looks pretty cute. and see you finished in record time :)