Wednesday, September 30, 2009

knitting complete

I added them up... there are at least 15 projects that I've either completed or that are close to completion right now. Not a single one of them are blogged about. Hmmm I keep thinking I'll remedy this. but in reality I probably wont. I'm just so bad at it.

I know at least 3 of the projects that are being worked on right now will eventually get blogged about. Most likely when they are complete. they are larger projects. I'm pretty good about blogging those. But all the socks and soakers and what not I've done. I'm not sure they'll show up on here. They are up on Ravelry. so really if you are antsing to keep up with my knitting go look there. I keep rav updated. although not always with pictures.

Just wanted to share that I am actually knitting. Just not blogging. I think I should teach Nathan how to blog for me. hehe. He loves taking pictures. He'd probably get a real kick out of it.

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