Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm back

I've been slacking on the blogging. Life gets in the way. But I have been knitting ... a little. I managed to get the back piece of the Printed Silk Cardigan finished. Now I have a little less than a month to knit both fronts, knit both sleeves, sew it all together, knit button bands and neckband, buy buttons, sew the buttons on and do a final wash and block. Easy, right? Hah.

These aren't good shots of it, because I'm at work. I worked with what I had. What I had was a bulletin board, a ton of push pins and a built-in webcam on my laptop. At least this should give you an idea of how the stitch pattern looks, although in person it is slightly more subtle. And it gives more of a vertical ripply, ribbon effect.

This also has not been blocked. Dimensions are slightly off at this point, and the stitches aren't as even as I'd like. But I didn't want to do a full block until I had all the pieces done.

On to the pictures!

(I promise, that weird wavy thing at the bottom is from the camera. The shirt doesn't really look like that.)

Notice that Blogger clips the pictures along the right side. The whole thing can be viewed on my Flickr account or on Ravelry. There are a couple of other pictures up on Flickr, too, but they're not good at all and don't really show any of the detail. That's why they're not posted.

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