Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess what? (Warning: lots of pictures below!)

I finally found my Baroness Beret! It was crumpled in the pocket of my former favorite sweater (only former because Luke accidentally shrank it in the wash). I dragged the sweater out the other day when temps dropped, and lo and behold, there was my beloved hat.

So, since I know you've been waiting for months for these pictures (hah) I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

It turned into more of a slightly-loose beanie than a beret, but I think that suits me better anyway.

It's slightly crooked on my head here.

Top view of the hat on a jug of pretzels. Since the jug lid is white, you can't tell too much about the pattern, and the closure at the top looks a little strange because the hat isn't pulled across the lid evenly. But you can kinda see the star-shaped decrease pattern, which is what I was going for.

Yeah they're all webcam photos. I was excited when I found the hat and went for the closest camera. I'll make Luke get better pictures some time. Or I'll make an attempt with the camera timer, but that's harder to do outside and the light in our apartment is horrible. Anyway. I'll get better photos. And I'll try not to wait months this time.

In the meantime... I DID get the better photos of the printed silk progress, just like I promised.

Side view; you can see that my left-leaning crosses are not nearly as neat as the right-leaning ones. This always happens to me. Maybe some day I'll figure out why and correct it, but I kinda doubt it, since I follow directions exactly. But they look a lot better after blocking anyway.

Close up. You can tell that the column of knits between the decreases gets a little stretched-out and makes very obvious vertical lines. I don't mind it terribly, but I'm hoping it becomes a little less obvious with blocking.

This one's blurry, but it really shows off the impact of the embossed diamonds pattern.

Again, not a terrific picture, but it shows how the embossed diamonds look almost like a check pattern at a different angle. It's funny. At one angle, they're the embossed diamonds like in the previous picture. At another angle, it looks checked, like this. And looking straight down at it from above, it looks like vertical ripples, like I mentioned yesterday. (The same thing happens when looking straight up from below, but the individual columns of stitches are more emphasized from below. I prefer the view from above. Mom's short anyway; it's not likely anybody'll be looking straight up at it.)

Another semi-close-up, pretty much just because I can. From this angle (maybe a 45 degree from below?) you can see the individual columns of stitches rippling up but the diamonds stand out more, at least to me. I love this shirt. It's almost like a Rorschach inkblot. What do YOU see?

If the color looks off on this one, that's because it is. Well, actually the color is off on all of them; this one is actually the closest to the real color. It was WAY off when I first uploaded it, though, and I did a quick correcting job on it. I wasn't concerned with making it perfect, just not gray. Aside from the color weirdness, it's a fairly good close-up of the bodice.

At least some of these are about to go up on Ravelry to replace yesterday's crappy webcam pictures.

Aaaaaaaaaand, while I'm here ... I never posted finished photos of Lelah, so here's a couple. (I intend to replace the yellow ribbon with white, but yellow was closer to me at the time. Also, the straps are convertible. Yay!)

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