Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just an update

Jess and I are both working on the Icarus shawl as a mini KAL. I started first, but she's catching up quickly. As of yesterday, she was almost finished with her 3rd repeat. As of right now, I've just started my 5th repeat. I'm almost positive I'll be stopping and moving on after 5 full repeats (unless I change my mind when I get to the end). I'm not sure about her, but I think she'll probably end up cutting out one repeat as well, to conserve yarn.

I don't feel like hunting down my WIP photos to post them here, but I'll post photos later. In the meantime, we both have project pages on Ravelry (mine; hers)with all the pertinent details.

I will say that I'm impressed at how quickly this shawl is going. It's a laceweight shawl on size 3 needles. Every other row has 4 stitches more than the previous ones, so it grows pretty quickly. I'm already up to 400-something stitches per row, I think. But I just started on ... Jan. 11? And I feel like I'm nearing the end. I just have to finish this repeat, do one more partial repeat and work the edging. Granted, the edging is pretty big, but I still feel like the end is near.

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