Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Introducing ... Cookie!

This is Cookie.

Cookie is a murloc. (You can see his glamour shots here.)

He lives on a boat, or at least he used to. But people kept coming along and killing him when all he really wanted to do was fix supper for the crew, so he left his homeland for, shall we say, greener pastures. Now he lives in our computer room and poses for photo shoots with the kitchen sink. (He likes to be near the water, being a little bit frog-like and all.)

Cookie is generally a pretty friendly fellow. Give him a hug, and he'll holler out a friendly murloc gurgle (or murgle, if you will), like this.

Just don't mess with his stirring rod, or he will EAT YOUR FACE OFF.

I warned you.

Technical details: Cookie was knit from all acrylic yarns, mostly Simply Soft with the exception of his mouth, teeth and dark blue side stripes. His arms are pose-able, and so are his feet, but that was mainly for ease in stuffing. He has a soundbox inside him so that, when squeezed, he does, in fact, emit a nasty murgle. He is eligible for homework points in both the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup and the similar Nerd Wars knitting challenge.

Cookie is based on a well-known character from World of Warcraft, by the way, and he was a just-because gift for my husband. AKA a make-your-blood-run-cold-and-give-you-nightmares-about-being-ganked-by-murlocs gift for my husband. Because yeah, I'm just that evil. ;)

And, in other news, I cast on my Icarus cowl last night. I'm keeping track of it on Ravelry so it can be duplicated in the future if need be. So far, it's working out well.

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