Friday, February 18, 2011

Still knitting

My knit murloc is turning out to be a gigantic pain in the butt. Seriously. But I'm getting there. I've finished the body (except it's not stuffed or sewn up yet because I'm waiting on the soundbox to arrive), one leg (actually two but one is wrong and must be redone) and both arms. Basically, I need to knit another leg, find my red yarn and knit the mouth, record the "murgle" (murloc gurgle), place the soundbox, stuff, sew up the body, sew on the mouth, arms and legs and then find and sew on eyes. All this by the end of the month. PLUS I still want to knit an Icarus cowl and a small black pouch before the end of the month. Today's what ... the 18th? I have a week and a half.


And I didn't do anything today. Well, I did, but I didn't do any knitting. Instead, I spent my day working on a new blog theme. Look for it to premiere sometime soon, after we come up with a nifty new tagline and I figure out how to make it look good on the header.

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