Saturday, June 9, 2007

knitting in public?

So wow its been a while since me or Amie have blogged (poor Amie and her computer. it apparently hates anything related to trying to make post or really do anything at all).

Today was knit in public day. I didn't. My sock traveled with me around town trying to find a new bathing suit (I put my old one on today to find a mystery stain on the left boob). I had every intention of going to the pool, but that didn't happen. I did finally find a suit that fit (which was more of a struggle than I'd like to admit. I tried suits on at 5 different stores before finding one. and I dont even really like it but it fit so I bought it. I did manage to go see harborfest fireworks. And since we planned on getting there super early (an hour and a half early... and since fireworks were late it was almost 2 hours early) I was so excited about knitting while waiting, but left it in my car when we took my friends (I'm a dork sometimes).

My knitting girls had our meetup this morning. And decided since I'm getting married that they'd change locations and it be a knitting bridal shower. My knitting group is really amazing. I'm so happy to have them. I took my camera with me to get pictures... but while there I forgot about the camera. It wasn't until I got home that I realized "crap, no pictures". Oh well. Maybe some other time.

I do have some yarn porn that I will happy post about in the very near future. I've kinda spent to much money on yarn lately. But I'm trying to control myself. Its just so hard with such pretty yarn everywhere. But since its dark I'll wait and take pictures tomorrow. If your lucky I'll actually post the pictures tomorrow night, well see.

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