Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun in Virginia!

I'm in Virginia! I've been here since Sunday evening. Luke and I rode up with friend Lynette, and it has been absolutely wonderful. Hanging out with Jess and Nett and Luke is great, and my guy's so sweet, and he surprised me on the beach with a ring, but that's all non-knitting-related so I'll save it for my personal journal.

As for knitting content, first of all, knitting time with Jess and Amie! Yay! It's nice to be able to knit together instead of both knitting in front of our computers while IM'ing each other. Plus we have Nett here. And we taught her to knit! We'd taught her once before, but our time was limited and she had forgotten most of what we'd said. So we taught her again, and she knit a couple of swatches and said, "I want to knit a sock." This was...last night? She's now almost finished with the first of a pair of baby socks out of Knitpicks Essentials in Grass and size 1 needles. She's doing great, too. Really, only one mistake that she didn't tink back to correct: she got turned around and did a row of reverse stockinette at the edge of the heel. It looks intentional anyway, so not a big deal. Plus, this is literally her first project. On size 1 dpns with fingering weight. She's a quick learner.

*to the tune of Three Blind Mice* Three hot girls, three hot girls, see how they knit, see how they knit...

That's Nett on the left, working on her sock. I'm in the middle with my Zoknis. And Jess is on the right beginning a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Then tonight, we dyed yarn. Jess had a bunch of Knitpicks Bare of various types, and I had some Bare Essentials. We have a ton of pictures, but I'll only post a couple:

My yarn, which I'm calling least until I think of a better name. Anyone have any suggestions?

I added purple to the white areas after that picture was taken, and then it looked like this:

This is Nett's yarn. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of Lorna's Laces, honestly. I wish we'd gotten a good picture of it laying on the table, but we didn't, so here it is in the bowl:

And here Jess is putting the finishing touches on her yarn, which I've dubbed Flower Garden. It's similar to mine, but more pastel. She doesn't like it. I do. She has, um, "threatened" to use it in socks for me. I'm hoping she keeps her word. ;)

The yarn is still cooling in the kitchen. We need to go in there soon and rinse it. Jess may post more process photos later, and we'll definitely post some of the finished yarn. Complete with swatches, because I don't know about Jess or Nett, but I'm dying to see how they knit up!

This really has been an awesome trip. I don't wanna leave! At least I have till Saturday.

I love my friends! I love knitting time with my knitter friends!

(Oh yeah, and since Luke's right next to me...I love him too. Even though he doesn't knit.)


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