Tuesday, July 31, 2007

knitting progress

ok so I finished my waving lace socks (contrary to the picture they are the same size and they fit very nicely on my foot. just dont have a picture of that)

I finished some Monkey socks out of the yarn I dyed (Amie posted about).

I've started another pair.

I need to get some baby knitting done. But after several failed attempts at a sweater I have to get my nerve back to tackle it again.


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Cheryl in VA said...

I love the Monkey socks, the color looks great. Great Job!! You really are being a finishing queen these days.
I take it Nathan lets you knit as long as there is no one else around. (giggle)
I think it will be great fun to do a KAL picture.
Maybe one of these days I will again look at my clessidra pattern.