Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy busy

Wow, so I never get to post anymore, even though I have Internet access at home now. I never have time to knit! I get half a row here, a few stitches there and that's about it.

I honestly can't think of anything interesting I've been working on. I still need to finish up Jess's stole and send it to her. Long sad story there. It was almost finished, and then...it snagged on something in my bag...two feet from the needles...I couldn't fix it. I had to rip back. So poor Jess didn't get her stole in time for my wedding, and she still doesn't have it yet. I promise you will, Jess.

And for the record, the matching stole she knit for me is BEAUTIFUL. As is the Swan Lake she just posted. I'm in awe over that one. I'm buying her leftovers so I can knit an identical one. Yeah, I know, here I am saying that I don't have time to knit and turning around and buying more project stuff. But I can't help myself. I have to knit it. As soon as I finish some other things.

Let's see, what else...I started a pair of Bayerische to work on here and there. It's going slowly. I've done, oh, I think 31 or 32 rows since I started. I'm about halfway done with the leg of one sock. It's been about a month. It's looking great, but I'm never going to finish.

Sadly, I still have no pictures of anything because we still don't have a digital camera. I have my web cam, but it's never even close to accurate on color and it's not very detailed. I'll post some pictures when I can get good ones. I'm not sure what I'll post pictures of, but I'll think of something. I've got a lot of projects planned, a lot of projects laying around half-finished.

Oh, upcoming projects, just so I have a list somewhere:
Cigar gloves for Luke
Swan Lake for me

Of course, now my mind goes blank. I'll add to the list when I remember more.


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