Thursday, July 10, 2008

dishcloth distraction

So this is what my dishcloth drawer looked like before I got on the dishcloth kick. Now these aren't the only ones I've ever made. I gift them a lot. These are just the ones that I've kept. As you can see they are well used. We use them daily. We love them. Some are stained and all are faded. but really they are in pretty good shape considering.

These are the ones I've made recently. Minus the 8 I mailed to my cousin last week. There are 14 in that first picture (and I actually just noticed that the center one in that picture should be in the second picture. its new but used already). There are 12 in the second picture. So in the past couple weeks I've made 21 dishcloths.

6 mitre square
6 gma's fav
6 ball band
2 basket weave
1 garterlac

This is a lot for someone who doesn't like knitting with cotton. But they are nice quick projects. And like I said I gift them. Very few of these new ones I've made will stay here. They will most likely all find new homes. My aunt and cousin love them. In addition to the 8 I recently mailed them. They both have pretty hefty drawers full as well. I think out of all the dishcloths I've made the garter stitches one do best. And these are nice patterns that take pretty much zero concentration. Which is what I was looking for. A distraction.