Friday, May 29, 2009

Work. Meh.

Work is getting in the way of my knitting, and I don't like it! I was hardly able to get any knitting done yesterday (again) because I had to do newspaper work instead. Bleh. I was only able to work 6 rows yesterday, from the beginning of the armhole shaping to the end of the actual shaping. Now I have to work even until the armholes are big enough, do the back neckline shaping and the shoulders and the back piece will be finished. Unfortunately, I have to work late again tonight (high school graduation) so I probably won't get to do much today either.

I don't like that. But, alas, the adult world requires it of me.

Since I haven't made much progress and it probably wouldn't show up in a large picture, today I opted for a close-up that shows the armhole shaping. Voila:

There is very little armhole shaping; all the pattern has you do is bind off 4 and dec 4 on each side over a total of 6 rows. Then you just work even the rest of the way up the armhole. That doesn't seem like much to me, but I'm going to trust the pattern and hope I don't have to frog anymore.

And hopefully I'll be able to get more knitting time this weekend!


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