Thursday, March 1, 2007


Ok finally got Justin to try on the first sock (wanted to make sure I didn't need to make any adjustments before I bond off the second one). He loves it. But it was a bit loose around his ankle. I know this was because I just bond off when he said it was the proper legnth instead of adding some k1p1 to the top. I knew it was wrong when I did it, but he talked me into it saying it was just perfect how it was. Well I finished the second sock with about 7 rows of k1p1 ribbing and took the bond off out of the first one and knit some ribbing and bond off. The socks are officially finished now. I'm amazed at how much better they look with some k1p1 ribbing on the tops of them. Really adds a lot to the socks. They really do look great. But Justin isn't here to model them for pictures (he is navy and his ship pulled out). The sewn bind off that I used (first time using it) was easy as cake to take out. Much easier than I could have ever imagined. I enjoyed doing the sewn bind off. It was easy and the results are okay. Yeah just okay. I'm not 100% thrilled. Its a nice bind off, I can see it coming very handly for lace. I dont find it so much "stretchy" as it doens't pull in as much. Its just loose (although not even "loose" describes it very well in my opinion). Perhaps I've made some error in my execution of the bind off. I dont know. I like the bind off. I enjoyed doing it much more than the regular knit and pass over version. But I'm not so sure its the right one for me for socks (not that I really enjoy socks toe up. I do see myself knitting toe up socks again but I can't say toe up is my favorite. although socks are my favorite). I think I'm going to add a little bit of elastic thread to the tops of these socks to help hold them in a little. I was hoping this bind off would be "stretchy", but no luck. All in all these socks were fun to knit. A learning experience if nothing else.
New techniques used on these socks:
Magic loop
sewn bind off
The sock yarn used isn't my favorite to work with. Magic loop isn't my favorite to work with. I liked working the sewn bind off but I'm not thrilled with the results. I did a new heel that I really like. Another successful short row toe (no holes). With all that said I can honestly say that I do really like how these socks turned out. I can't wait to see them on Justin's feet. And he has already promised to wear them at least once a month *grins* (i'm actualy over flowing with excitment).


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