Monday, March 19, 2007

Roza's socks

I am a sock knitter there is no doubt about that. I love them. I feel lost whenever I dont have any on the needles. So I picked a pattern I knew I wanted to knit and that I knew I had yarn for. I emailed the designer and asked a question before getting started. I pulled out the yarn that I thought was going to be absolutely perfect for these socks... I grabbed the pattern and I swatched. I was overly proud of Justin for knowing what I was doing and giving me his opinion when I asked (He said "oh starting something new... oh wait your swatching" it was perfect and I love him so much more because of it). I officially swatched and then cast on for the socks on the 17th. But that's all I did before bed. I really started knitting them on the 18th. I got through the leg rather quickly. Did the heel flap, turned the heel, and then the gusset. Now I'm on the foot of the sock. And now is when I'm started to question the needle size I'm using. I slipped all the stitches onto my addi that I got for magic loop and tried it on. It fits. The leg pattern is a lot stretchier than I thought it was going to be. It isn't tight anywhere but the pattern is stretched out a little more at the ankle than I would really like, but its okay. its not to loose and its not to tight. But the part that gets me the most and makes me wonder if I should take it out and redo it is the sole. The pattern calls for 2.0mm needles to get a gauge of 33 sts and 46 rnds = 4" in st st int he rnd. I'm using 2.5mm (because I have a bigger foot and thought this might help resize it slightly for a better fit for my foot) but of course we all know swatches lie. I was happy with the swatch but now on the sock I'm thinking its not knit tight enough. I'm getting about 8 sts an inch. I'm continueing to knit even tho I really want to take it out and redo it on smaller needles. I'm hoping after a wash the yarn will bloom up and make me not hate that they are knit looser than I like (I'm using KPPM). I know if I just knit them that i'll wear them even if I dont LOVE them. The other socks I have that I dont think are knit tight enough I still wear (just around the house tho).

This is a close up of the details since the other picture doesn't really show it.

In other sock related news. Justin was home for the weekend and put on his socks (since i finished them while he was gone). He wore them all day friday. He says he loves them. But I failed to get a picture of him wearing them. So when he gets back on the first (yep he left again. that's the military for you) I'll do my best to not forget to get a picture. They really do look good on him. I'm proud of them.


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