Sunday, March 4, 2007

pink love

So I was out shopping and decided to stop by Tuesday Mornings. You can (on occasion) run into some really good deals there. Its also right beside a yarn store I wanted to go to, and also a used book store (which had some good knitting books but mostly they were overprices). Anyways so I go and while looking around I happen across some pink cotton yarn. Now normally I dont care for cotton, but this was a cotton rayon blend and I liked it. Its Classic Elite's Image ( But there were some small issues with it tonight while trying to wind that hank into a center pull ball.
Full picture story below:
I got out my swift and winder (first time using the swift) and off we went.
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a before shot of what the hank looked like after Nathan got finished swinging it around.

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an "oh crap" shot of the problem we ran into.

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a nice pretty shot of what the ball now looks like. Oh how I love my winder.

I promise to get some process shots of swift and winder next time I pull them out. I have several hanks that need to be done, but Justin showed interest in helping me with it (he always helped before I got the swift)... and so I want to wait for him.


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