Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm just so very sad right now

If you hear someone crying rest assure its me. I finally got to make it to a knit meet last night. Thing were good. I was happy. Fun knitting time and chat. Until I get up this morning pull out my sock and realize I'm missing a needle. Not one that was holding stitches so crisis there is averted. But the working needle is long gone and they were fastly becoming my favorite needles. They were my Crystal Palace bamboo 6inch size 0's. *frowns*. I'm trying to call the coffee shop to see if they found one but no one is answering or the line is busy. I have other size 0's and could finish the socks, but it just wont be the same. Not to mention those where my nicest needles.

got ahold of the coffee shop. The owner is a very nice lady. But no needle was found. She took my name and number and said she'd keep her eyes open for me. sigh. I could seriously cry.

Yesterday was such a crappy day. Me and Justin were at our wits end with house stuff and weren't talking to each other. Nothing got done. We spent 2 hours at lowes looking at tile for the kitchen and didn't buy anything. Then because I'd told him earlier in the week that if I didn't get to go to my knitting meet I'd likely kill someone. I needed some time away from the house and Nathan. So I get to go and then I lose my needle. Sigh.... and how can today be any better if it starts out with me waking up before the sun, to go get lost on base, to come home learn that I'm getting replaced as Maid of Honor in my cousin's wedding (long story), and then that I've lost my new favorite needle.

After the coffee shop I walked several blocks up the road because Justin wasn't there to pick me up yet (we are struggling as a one car family until his gets fixed).... I'm thinking I should get dressed and grab the stroller and take a stroll up the street and hope and pray I can find a not broken needle. Would probably be less headache to just go to the yarn store and buy new ones. But I'm completely broke (already overdrew my bank account and will have to pay overdraft fees).


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Cheryl in VA said...

Oh sweetie, so sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. It really stinks when things go all wonky and they seem to do it all at the same time.
Must say I am so glad you got to come to Yarn for Suppuer. Sounds like you really needed it. But definitely a huge BUMMER about the needle.
On the other hand CONGRATS!!! on the whole cable thing. I am seriously getting itchy to try cabling. I was just looking at the sites that Jenny posted over at the Meetup board about cabling without cable needle and I am thinking I am just going to have to jump off and try it.