Wednesday, April 11, 2007

so...i'm going to host a knitting class! for the mclean county 4h. i start next wednesday. i've got some basic ideas of what i want to cover in each class (and some handouts i want to make with things like useful resources, basics of knitting, my contact info, etc.) but we're probably only going to get to meet 4 times. that makes it a bit tougher. but my plan so far is:

class 1: basic intro to knitting (and each other), casting on, knit st and binding off. and gauge, but honestly, i don't think that'll take that long. gauge is actually pretty simple, i think, unless you think about it way too much.
class 2: purling and knit-purl combo stitches (like ribbing, seed, basketweave, the all-important stockinette...)
class 3: increases and decreases (just a few of the basic ones of each...yo, kfb, k2tog, ssk, etc.)
class 4: seaming, tips, tricks, circular knitting and a basic overview of advanced techniques such as cables, colorwork, plus making sure to answer any and all questions and telling them to contact me later if they need help. this class will mostly be a basic overview of the things we didn't cover and plenty of time to help them with any problems they're having.

i also plan to end each class with a few minutes for knitting/q&a time and time for the students to get hands-on help if needed. i'm going to give the students a simple block pattern using the techniques we've discussed in each class and ask them to work on a block using a stitch pattern of their choice. there's a week between classes, so i think that should be plenty of time for them to knit one small simple block. and it's not like they'll be punished if it's not done. but if they agree to the idea, at the end of the 4th class i'm going to collect all the blocks, sew them together into a blanket and donate it. or sell it. or raffle it. or whatever they want to do with it. or, if they'd prefer, we'll make the blocks all the same size (or i can stitch around them to make them the same size if necessary, hehe) and donate to something like warm up america. we'll think of something.

so like i said...i've got the basics all figured out. now i have to figure out the details. i have 1 week to figure this out. i have to go pick up supplies at the 4h office...i expect red heart and straight needles. i just hope there's enough light, solid-colored yarn to go around. i'd hate for somebody to get stuck with black when they're trying to learn. and i hope the colors look fairly good together, in case we end up doing the blanket idea.

although, if all else fails, we'll stitch the blocks together to make bigger blocks and donate them to the new animal shelter for animal blankets. hmm...actually, that may be something good to suggest...

of course i'm very open to suggestions and ideas. that's really why i just posted all this. :)

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Anonymous said...

I think you seem pretty organized. i'm disappointed I didn't see you online today since I took a break from the house and have been setting at home all day (ahem knitting... I finished my Roza's tonight). I like the donate to the new animal shelter. but the class might like warm up america better. the animal shelter is nice since its local. but you have to think about how they will feel about their first knitting project going to the dogs. Anyways... just a thought. i like it tho. If you need help with designing the handouts or anything let me know. if you dont see me online (which is hardly anymore during the day) email me... I check it nightly.