Monday, April 2, 2007


So between my KY trip, and getting the house I've had far less time to knit on my socks as I would have liked. I originally thought I'd be done by now. And if I hadn't spent a week in KY or spent every waking moment since getting back working on the house I would be. But they are still coming along (just slower now). One sock is finished and the other is not quiet halfway. I still like them, although I'm not as enthralled with the pattern as I was before. I really love the yarn and I still really love it. I want a sock in all the colors of those socks. I love them all separately and I love them all together. I do however, HATE the needles I'm knitting these on. I think after I finish these socks I will gladly swap these brittany birch us size 1.5 needles as fast as humanly possible (knitswap livejournal community you are my friend). I like the size, but DESPISE the needles. But I'm sure not all knitters feel this way so off they will go to find a happy home with someone who likes them.


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