Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I still haven't gotten Justin to model his socks for pictures. Its not that he is unwilling its just that we are so stretched for time right now. We are in the process of moving to our new house and doing major remodeling over there while we are at it. Not to mention he is in the Navy and gone a lot.

I've made some progress to the falling leaves blanket. But not much. I'm bored with it and in no hurry to finish it. Its just a filler project to take up time and yarn that I dont want to use for something else.

And my Rogue... sigh. Its officially been frogged and not restarted yet. I'm going to wait until I get into the new house and get settled before I attempt it again. Amie's Rogue looks amazing (saw it in person when I was in KY). Makes me really want to get mine going again. But with everything else and the false start to it before I think I need to wait until I have more time to devote to it. I know once I get started again it will work out fine and things will start to move along like they should. But since its suppose to (note the wording "suppose to") warm up I figure I have time before next fall/winter to get it finished for wear.

That's the update for now. I could include that I ordered yarn. Well Amie did and I piggiebacked on her knitpicks order. I got some bare gloss for clessandra stockings and then some shadows lace yarn to play with (i have no project in mind for it. I just wanted to try it out. but I got enough for a stole or shawl of some sort). Then I went the other day and ordered a bunch more sock yarn from them (I was having a really rotten day and Justin told me that I should order the yarn for his socks. he knew it would make me happy and it did). I got some more essentials in dusk and grass (the two colors I already had. I told him to pick a color and those are what he picked. I used grass before on Amie's socks and have a little left and I had some dusk for me that I've not used yet. So we'll each have a pair of dusk socks.) Then I got some bare sock yarn to try to dye into the purple shade that I keep dreaming about (really i got 2 skeins of bare fingerweight wool and the fingering weight superwash. so I have enough for 4 normal pairs of socks. I'm going to check it out and use some for my purple socks and some for some socks for justin and then just have left over for a future project). And I ordered a pair of dpns from them to try out in the size that my birch needles are in that I dont like.

ok seriously that's all I'm going to update.