Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jess's first Handspun

I got my wheel in "August 08". Got it in working order sometime in late September 08. Went to a "fiber festival in early October 08". I have another bobbin of singles that I spun up first (but I'll wait to show those off. Dont worry its coming). Then I got pregnant and morning sickness kept me away from the wheel until recently. And now to share with you some yarn! YAY!

This is a mix I got from "copperpot"
Its 50% Lincoln 35% Mohair 15% Romney. It was a bit sticky to work with and felt like it still had a fair bit of lanolin still on it. I got some other stuff from her. We might talk about my fiber stash in a later post (because trust me its growing. Did you suspect otherwise). Here are three pictures (singles, plying, and yarn!).

Its very uneven. But I'm still learning. And boy did I learn a ton with this batch. I wish I would have taken a picture of it before I spun. so you could see start to finish. But I jumped right in and didn't think of it until it was to late. This is 4.1oz that I managed to spin into a 2ply that ranges from dk to aran. I think its mostly worsted but like I said its not exactly even. Oh there about 68yds of it (very rough guess as my niddy noddy is loaned out at the moment and the stool legs we used to wind with made it difficult to tell).


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Cheryl in VA said...

AWESOME!!!! Not to worry the niddy noddy will be coming back to you.
That lace wt I was descibing to you (the 204gm) was over 1000 yards. Yeah, from that I am guestimating the others like it by their weights. My shoulders and neck could not handle another 2 hanks of the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors!