Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Sock Stash

So this shocks me. More than a little. I went and counted the sock stash today. The results are a bit shocking. In a way that if you've seen my stash might shock you as well.

I have far less than I thought I did. Now I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten any. Justin came home in the middle of it and helped me make sure.

I have 3 skeins set aside specifically for Amie. Keep in mind that it only takes 50g to knit a pair for Amie. I have 6 set aside for Justin. Then there are 45 that are for me (no I'm not stingy at all!). There are 5 pairs worth that are up for trade. 5 pairs worth that are set aside for a barn raising blanket. 4- 50g balls set aside for mittens. There is 350g that I'm not sure what to do with. I just can't decide if its for Justin or Amie or myself or something else entirely. Then I noticed that I have 27 scrap balls (at least 4 of which are at least 50g).

Counting all the sock yarn in stash (well estimating since not all come in 50 or 100g balls some are slightly less and some slightly more) I have 7700g of sock weight yarn in my stash.

So I declared (before counting how much I have) that I'd not buy more sock yarn for 6 months. I told Justin that and he is totally betting against me. He doesn't think its possible for me to go that long without buying sock yarn. Little does he know that him betting against me only impowers me more. And I've seriously thought about it. There are other yarns to buy and ahem fiber for spinning. I'm positive I can handle no sock yarn for 6 months.

Wish me luck!

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kasiaiscarly said...

So what's the MILEAGE of 7700g? :) I downloaded my stash the other day from Rav to see and I have 8 miles of yarn! Yikes!