Monday, February 16, 2009

mitten disaster!

So after taking a break from knitting. It was a shock for me too. I just had no energy and no motivation to pick anything up. I finally picked up and finished the second lillyfield mitten. Well or so I thought. I got to the thumb part when I realized I screwed up.

See the mistake? Can't believe I did that. I had thrown the first mitten in the bottom of the knitting bag and started the second. I didn't think "hmmm I should pull the first out and double check that I'm knitting the right one". Instead I just knit. I pulled the first out because I wanted to try them both on. See what I thought. Make sure sizing was ok. See if my gauge changed between mittens. That sort of thing. :( no need to finish the thumb since who needs two left mittens!

You can also see color dominance at work here. check the two out (neither have been blocked. the plan was to finish and block together). See how on one the white pops more and on the other the red does. Yeah I didn't really mean to do that either. I had just forgotten which one I did. And color dominance doesn't bother me to much as long as its consistent through the single work. With socks or mittens I don't mine if one hand has a different than the other. But I thought I'd point it out. Its not eye popping in your face, but its there.

Now to go cry because I was so excited about finally finishing this project just to learn that I still need to knit a second mitten! ahhhhhh!

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