Friday, February 20, 2009

The Big Reveal!

This was delivered to my house yesterday.

I took the picture of the open box then failed to get another picture until it was all unpacked. I just got excited. Then when we put it together same thing happened. Will have to work on this picture blogging thing, hehe.

After the fiber festival last fall I started saving up my pennies for another wheel. I got about half of what I needed and hit a roadblock (also known as christmas). Then with tax return money we were able to order my wheel. I talked to a couple dealers in NZ. Because of the exchange rate right now you can get them cheaper if you order from NZ or in my case from "Wolly Designs" in Colorado. Tracy the owner lets his rates float with the exchange rate. I saved about $200 over what other us dealers were asking for the wheel. Tracy was even able to quote me about $50 less than other NZ dealers. So I ordered the wheel and 3 extra bobbins. YAY!

My Majacraft Rose spinning wheel.
which has these features (taken from maja's website)
- includes the Rose Carrier which can be used as a 3-bobbin lazy kate. The carrier has rubber feet, a convenient carry handle, whorl holding pin and a magnet to store the whorl allen key
- has a normal and fast whorl, two flyers with delta and fine fibre orifice
- ratios extend from 4.25 to 19.5 using the whorls supplied
- includes four bobbins
- the handle folds to allow easy handling
- the handle and head position are adjustable so you can achieve the most comfortable spinning position
- suits both left and right handed spinners
- the Rose uses the dependable scotch tension for smooth and easy spinning.


Cheryl in VA said...

ooooooooo aaaaahhhhh speeeeciaaaaall...

ptown hokie said...

And it's a Rose! It's beautiful and almost makes me want to take up spinning. Almost.

Anonymous said...


Your new wheel is wonderful!!!!