Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spring Forward socks

Pattern: "Spring Forward by Linda Welch"
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Spring Frost
needles: 2.0mm
started: Jan 16 2009
finished: Feb 21 2009(felted on the 17th)
Notes: Regular k1p1 ribbing instead of the twisted ribbing. I'm just not a fan of the twisted rib. Worked over 77 stitches instead of 66. did a modified short row heel. And a round toe.

finally I finished these socks. They took me way longer than they should have. The pattern is easy to memorize. But kinda boring at the same time. I started them because they were suppose to be a fast knit. But I got bored with them quickly. I'm also still iffy about this yarn. I've used it before. Really disliked working with it the first time. But love LOVE how this washes up. So soft. This time the knitting wasn't as bad (well other than being bored with the pattern), but its just not my favorite to work with. I knit it up on 2.0mm needles, normal for me with socks (with this yarn I got about 9st/inch). But I feel like it should have been knit at a tighter gauge. Only to knit tighter would have killed my hands and been VERY unenjoyable. They just dont feel right on the bottoms of my feet when I walk tho. Hopefully washing will change that. But the last pair doesn't quite "feel" right either. I can already tell that these will wash up just as nice as last time I used the yarn. I at first did a wedge toe then when I frogged and reknit you could already tell the yarn was "broken" in and nicer. I got this yarn in a trade (thanks "Cheryl"!). I had purple (already knit), black (got really cheap, then traded off for something better), and pink (still in stash); I honestly dont see myself buying this yarn again. Its a really great price and comes in some gorgeous colors. But I just can't get past knitting with it. Maybe if I had a sock machine. Because they really do wash up amazingly soft. and so far hold up really well. I can't see a lick of wear on the other pair I have with this yarn. Its a love/hate relationship at this point. Not horrible to knit with, just not my favorite. Perhaps next time I should try washing before I knit. See if that makes me change my mind about the yarn.

In other news after knitting mojo came back and I picked these socks back up. I broke my first dpn. This is one of my size 2.0mm harmony needles that I snapped while knitting this sock.

I'm still really happy with this needle set and would buy them again. Luckily right now I dont have to. I already had 2 sets in this size, since its my most common size to knit with. That and after this many years of knitting, perhaps it was time that I broke a needle. I know it happens to some knitters way more often than this.

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