Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 a new begining

OMG 2011 already. I typically like to set myself up with a knitting goal for the year. 2010 was the 10shawl2010 project/challenge. Which I loved. It was definitely a challenge for me tho. This year I wanted something a little different. I started off thinking I'd put myself on a strict yarn diet. After a few variations of that idea. I think I'm going to play it simple and just try to knit more from stash and buy less yarn. Easy enough right? Hush you let me believe what I want!

I also want to try to challenge myself to make at least 1 blog post a month. Even if it is just my typical fo parade post. At least if I do that I wont be making 3-4 end of the year blog post in January of the next year (hehe).

2011 has already started off as a good knitting year for me. I have 5 FO's to show you.

first up Nathan (my 6year old) asked for a new pair of mittens. I made him a nice blue pair last year. He still loves and wears them. But this year his favorite color changed. And he also requested that he have warmer mittens. well ok lets be honest first he asked for gloves. Because what kid actually picks mittens. And I do plan to knit him a pair of gloves. But since he wanted something warmer I talked to him about the advantages of mittens and warmth. I also picked a VERY warm pattern. And knit them out of wool. :)


Pattern: Yummy Mittens by Beth Brown-Reinsel
Yarn: Ella Rae classic in green (leftover from dino sweater)
needles: us 5, 6, and 7
started: December 28, 2010
finished: January 3, 2011

They already look worn in this picture. Because they are. He wears them daily. And has even played in the snow with them. The only thing that I would change if I were to knit them again is that I'd make the cuff longer so it tucks into his sleeves better. I thought when I was making them that I was doing this. but clearly I was wrong.

Next I cast on a hat for myself. With the winter heavily upon us it was clear that we didn't own enough warm winter wear.




Pattern: Embellished Helmet Hat by Bobbi Padgett
yarn: Malabrigo in Azul bolita
needles: us 9
started: January 8
finished: January 9

It was a very quick knit. But I totally misjudges my gauge. Its about 3 inches larger than it should be. I decided that I kinda liked that and kept it. It covers my hair nicely when in a ponytail or bun and still comes down and covers my ears. Its knit with the malabrigo held double. VERY WARM!

After that Nathan clearnly needed a new hat to match his new green mittens. He just couldn't continue to wear the blue hat. He decided that he wanted it to be the same as the blue hat tho. so another Thorpe was in order. I decided this time that I wouldn't hold the yarn double but instead I planned to line it with fleece (pictures to come). I also have yet to add the little ben10 symbol to the front of the hat. Trust me when I say Nathan has not forgotten this tho.


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur
yarn: Ella Rae classic green
needles: us 6
started: January 11
finished: January 12

now this hat posses a little of a problem. The cast on as written is very fiddly. You cast on 4 stitches. 1 onto each of 4 needles and try as you may not to twist them and then start increasing. I struggled with this like it wasn't funny. Finally I gave up on that. I cast on my 4 stitches but left them all on 1 needle and didn't join. Instead I slide the stitches down as if I was doing an i-cord. I then started the next row of increases moving the stitches onto the other needles as I got to them. It worked out so much easier. I've taken a close up of the top of the hat so you can see the results.


Its very neat and tidy and if you didn't know you could never tell that I did anything different at all. :) success!

My sister had been asking me to knit a family member a pair of socks for months. I got the yarn back in September or something. But just couldn't force myself to cast on. My sister let is slip that the reason she wanted hand-knit socks for her was that she goes outside in just socks a lot and her feet are very cold. Was hoping that they hand-knit socks would be warmer when she goes outside in just socks. CRINGE! yeah that makes me want to cast on right away! but I gave my sister my word that I'd knit them. And I had this yarn just sitting there. So I finally did.


Pattern: normal k3p1 rib with short row heel and round toe. us woman's size 4
yarn: knitpicks stroll kettle dyed in grasshopper
needles: us 0 (2.0mm)
started: January 3
finished: January 15

apparently it takes a long time to knit socks you dont want to knit. but since I didn't want to knit them I knit the 2 hats while these were on the needles. sigh. I hope she likes them and doesn't wear them out in the yard!

I am a navy wife. I live in a navy community. We move around a lot and dont always know people when we get here. I've been blessed this time with a fantastic group of other wives. We get along and we really help each other out. As such Donna (knitting group leader) is throwing a baby shower for a fellow navy wife that doesn't knot many people in our area. To be honest I've never even meet her. But I appreciate what Donna is doing. not to mention she is having a girl and you know how I love knitting little girly things!


Pattern: Clochette by Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer
yarn: some random pink baby yarn in stash (acrylic) and some knitpicks swish dk green
needles: us 5 for the hat. us 4 for the stem and 1 leaf. us 2 for the other leaf
started and finished: January 16

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Cheryl in AZ said...

You can do it!! You can just knit from stash - I know you can. OR you could come visit for a bit and knit from MY STASH!!! that way my stash decreases and you don't buy yarn. :P