Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the final 2010 post

That about wraps up 2010 for me. It was a very nice knitting year for me. Even with Ryan being young and us having moved last January.

To finish up the year I knit Justin his 9th pair of socks. I think it was a thank you for letting me knit all those lace pieces that took so much concentration. He really stepped up with the kids while I knit feverishly (hehe). love you honey.


Pattern: our basic k3p1 rib with slipped stitch heel flap and round toe
Yarn: more of JulieSpins MCN 355 (we love this stuff!)
needles: us1 (2.25mm)
started: October 10, 2010
finished: December 28, 2010


I knit on these when the lace was to much. Or when with my new knitting group. I mentioned that I taught a neighbor to knit. Well she really took off with it. We've taught several other neighbors and friends. We have a 42 member stitch 'n bitch that we run together. It meets up once a week. Sunday nights. I would work on these socks at those meetings since I wanted to chat, or was running around teaching. The lace just wasn't a good idea since it required more thought and being paid attention to.

that ends Jessica's 2010 catch up. :) it was a great year. I had 28 knits. WOW. what a busy year.
‎10 shawls
7 pairs of adult socks
7 kid knits (sweaters, hats, toys, mittens, etc)
2 adult sweaters
2 accessories (earrings and clutch.. tho the earrings were technically crocheted) :)

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