Wednesday, February 7, 2007

not-so-perfect sweater

i've finished the body of the perfect sweater. which isn't really a perfect sweater, for multiple reasons. 1, because i've made a lot of mods to the pattern. surprise, surprise. the most major modification is that the pattern says to knit flat in two pieces and seam together at the end...yeah, right. i hate seaming. so i'm knitting it all in the round. as much as possible, anyway.

i also added a few short rows to the bust section because, well, mom has bigger boobs than i do. not really big, but big enough that i thought some short rows may help keep the sweater from riding up, since even my boobs make sweaters ride up in the front and i'm pretty small.

well i was wrong. yeah, short rows might've helped with that...but the execution of these is not good. we have a sort of...prism shape sticking out of the chest of the sweater. not exactly a good look. it's just a bit pointy. good for madonna maybe, but not so much for mom. and of course i couldn't tell this until i was several inches past the short rows, almost finished with the front, so i wasn't about to frog. instead i'm gonna finish the sweater, then put lifelines in just above and just below the short row section, snip one row, unravel to the lifelines, and graft it back together. i may try a different set of short rows, but probably not. i think it'll be okay without them.

so the body is finished (except for that correction i have to make) and i just have the sleeves left. i'm about 6 inches into the first about 1/3 of the way finished with it. it's going much more quickly than sleeves normally do for me. i'm using new bamboo dpns and i give them credit for the speed. normally i prefer aluminum dpns, especially with acrylic yarn, because bamboo is just too slow...but not these. these aren't clover brand like most of my bamboo needles. they're crystal palace and they are NICE. i love them. expensive too, but i'll probably end up buying more anyway. i think i even prefer them to aluminum. i highly recommend them.

i also found another very inspirational blog the other day, i want to try to recreate her hourglass sweater v2.0, which is her recreation of the last minute knitted gifts hourglass sweater. the fit is just perfect and i love the way it looks...casual, but since it's a sweater, it can also be dressy. and it's a style that looks good on me. i also like her variation of glampyre's minisweater and i'm going to recreate that, without the silk strand. i already have brown wool just waiting to be used, so why not? i really like her style, it's a lot like mine...and, like me, she tends to modify patterns to suit her own style.

completely off-topic, but i adore bitty, luke's cat. she's sitting in my lap right now and she's just so sweet. i love her.

i want a kitten!


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