Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I finished the autumn socks (note 100% in sidebar... which will stay up until I post pictures as a reminded that I need to get pictures). They are a bit tight and dont match up completely (stripe wise) to each other. But I like them. I wore them yesterday around the house and after a bit of walking they stretch out to fit more comfortable. I think my next socks will be a bit loser tho.

I swatched for Rogue last night. I'm getting correct gauge on size 7's with my yarn. and I like the feel and look of the fabric I'm getting. I also think I picked the exact correct color for me. I really like it. Parts of the pattern confuse me right now, but I'm hoping when I'm actually knitting it, it will magically make sense.

As for my other WIP: I keep looking at sheldon and I know I need to finish him (especially since all he needs is to be put together. I have him completly knit). For some reason I dont really have desire to pick him up. Probably because he is a gift that I dont need finished until August. I'll finish him soon enough and get pictures. He is really cute and really is a rather quick knit.

well that's all I have for now. Look forward to seeing sock pictures soon, and possible a Rogue update (if mine goes anywhere near as fast as Pixie's did). Happy knitting.


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