Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back in action

Since this is a slow work week, I had time to knit yesterday. After nearly killing or embarrassing myself to show the finished back (don't ask), I kept going. I decided I didn't want to start a new ball of yarn without finishing the old one, and I didn't want to join new yarn in the middle of a piece unless I had to, so I worked on the drawstring instead.

45 inches of 3-stitch i-cord:

I hate knitting i-cord. But at least it's done. I originally intended to knit 36", but then decided it was too short. And I had yarn left anyway, so I kept going. I thought maybe I'd knit to 48" but I ran out of yarn first. Oh well. 45" is good enough. And since this is 100% cotton, it's liable to stretch, anyway.

Then I started the left front. I got through the bottom ribbing and 32 (of 44) rows of the bottom stockinette. Just 12 more rows of stockinette, decreases, center ribbing (which will be the trickiest part yet, because I have to space the eyelets correctly and hopefully end up with the correct number in the end) and then the top lace pattern.

I got a little goofy/silly taking this picture. It reminded me of a veil. You know the ones.

Or a ninja scarf/bandana/handkerchief/thing. Either way.

I really do love this pattern so far. And I've barely made any mods at all, which is unheard of for me, as you know.

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