Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 6 for real

Since I didn't get to knit for several days, thanks to medical issues of various sorts, this is the real day 6 of Hey Teach. I'm not counting the days I didn't get to knit.

I finished the back!

Ignore the fact that it's bunched up and is sticking out in weird places and just general sits awkwardly. That's only because of the extreme discomfort I experienced trying to take a picture that showed how it was fitting me. (It was paper-clipped to the straps of my tank top, which was then flipped around backward, choking me in the process, and I obviously turned my back to the webcam and reached behind me to click the button. Yes. Difficult.)

I'm pretty happy with how it's fitting. When I first finished the back and looked at it, I thought it was going to be way too long and there was no way the ribbing was going to fall at the right spot on my ribcage. But it had just gotten stretched out lengthwise during knitting. I tugged on the side edges to make it fit around me correctly and that corrected the length problem as well. Yay!

Oh, and the back took less than 2 balls of yarn. I probably have enough yarn left from the second ball for one sleeve or for the drawstring. And I still have 5 balls that I haven't touched yet. (Jess, how many did I give you? How much of this yarn did I have anyway?! I'd already used part of it, and I know I gave you some, and I still had 7 balls left!)

Now to start the front pieces. I'm estimating 6 days for both of those, since that's how long the back took, but obviously it depends on the amount of knitting time I have. Then the sleeves, the i-cord drawstring, the buttonbands and the finishing.

I can't wait to finish and wear it.

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JessicaRose said...

its looking really good. I dont remember how much you originally had. you gave me 4 balls.

YAY for knitting time!